Friday, 19 April 2013


I didn't - no - never saw a Dead
Then I saw him lying there
HIS Brutal fist was again at work
Squashing ripe tomato must be tad fun
My drowning heart, lingering to beat – to throb
Inhumanity, ruthless word once heard,
Dancing with its dark dreadful eyes gaped
He lay there devoid of his brain and eyes
As if they never belonged to him, ever in real
And, so-called-humans found it cool to click and flaunt
Was that the right time to set your angle and flash?
A son, a brother, a husband, a lover
How many things he must have - wished to be
For now, so many things he - failed to be
Screams swarmed and bellowed in my clogged throat
I wanted to yell, snap at their cell phones
Then a whiff of stale - no, not stale
Cause blood was still oozing from his cold head
Freshly-blood-stained air gushed pass my hair
Hallucination must be, it'd whisper in my ear
And, might be to the half-dead conscience of all standing there
I heard, I felt or my mind's eye was again at play
HE scorned his creation, mumbling in disdain

“Thou a'rt human by my choice,
Thee shalt be Inhuman in thy ways,
Thy conscience is a warmer place,
For Shaitan seeks warmth to thrive,
It shalt suck away all that thee possess,
Churning it into as-cold-as-dead-breaths,
Take heed to that kind of Homecoming
For Malicious is the trait of thy guest”
Sluggish sultry smothering realism dawned 
Quiet as feather, savoring the wind's flow
Lulling my awakened conscience to sleep
Callousness, malice, egocentricity, apathy
That's the sieste’d humanity is in thrall to…

***Sieste'd- Enjoying an afternoon nap on a hot day ( World is at peaceful rest 
                         when its hot and burning everywhere)  

      Shaitan- Devil

      HE, HIS - GOD ***

I am sharing this poem with dverse Meeting the Bar: The Unfathomable


  1. An indeed letter...full of emotions!!
    Good work dear :)

  2. tight emotions in this...esp. the part with the things he was and those he couldn't be moved me

    1. Thanks Claudia for visiting my blog...something that moved me too

  3. "How many things he must have - wished to be
    For now, so many things he - failed to be" - Your poems stir human emotions so well ... it's as if they have a character of their own ... another powerful piece Sadia ... just too good !!!

    PS: Why don't you write more often?

    1. Thanks buddy :)
      You know that too, wish I could ...looking for the time when I will be able to ...

    2. And I hope that time comes soon :-)

  4. Oh this poetry cuts like a knife... excellent work

  5. What a lot of us can only imagine...well done.

  6. The raw emotion pours from this poem like his blood. Truly unfathomable and yet we continue to sleepwalk through life.

    1. We are sleep walking indeed...Thanks Anna ...

  7. I love all the different emotions expressed here. It's as if I could feel them myself just by reading this. Excellent work!

    1. Thank you Keith, your comment comes as a generous downpour, love every bit of it...:)