Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sad Songs

Sweetest songs
Sung by heavens
Are born to sad parents
Whom mirth has denounced
And are fostered by gloom
They nurture on their fear,
Drinking their warm tears
Stranger becomes the light
With hope and smile, in arms
Alas! But she fails to sear, and
Carrying away her children
She knocks on another door
And those dark closed songs
Flowing from the charming tongue
Of demons and beautiful angels
Lull your fleeting joy
To stir your deepest thought
And skim your darkest past
Brushing away the laded dust
They touch the soreness
Of your heart!


  1. Sad songs really do touch us more than happy songs do don't they? I think it's because, like you said, they touch the soreness of our heart. Well put!

    1. Right, Keith....and they make us believe that we're not alone...somebody else has had felt this pain, once....we feel our pain evened and soothed ....thanks a lot, Keith

  2. Simply awesome! these words makes you feel the pain and ecstasy from their beauty at the same time! bravo..

    1. You're always sweet in your praises, Bhavneet...thanks..

    2. As you are always sweet with your words :), your welcome!!

  3. ah there are just some songs that take me right there...and touch that bruise of a heart...i def get that...sappy love songs do that to me too..ha...the one i immediately thought of is bryan adams...everything i do...ha

    1. Same here, Brian....they transcend me to the place where it hurts the most..thanks...