Tuesday, 16 December 2014

~ i am smiling ~

I wasn’t writing anything, to sit discussing on the yesterday’s butchery, not that I did not wish to, but because no word can ever express the magnitude, the graveness of the matter. On the morning news, I saw those parents wailing, weeping, pleading, cursing, parents they were. I tried to visualize the fear and pain those little hearts must have braved before tasting death. I cried, ‘just’ silently cried.
I still wouldn’t express grief, condemn, or wish for any change in the coming days, for it seems a distant dream now. I just want and wish them to burn in hell for every innocent drop of blood they have shed. Let they be damned for ever and ever. Aameen.

~ i am smiling ~
for i have been earnestly told,
that i am safe in my warm, cosy home …
i am smiling,
for i have not been teased, dragged in dark,
gnawed at my flesh, molested, or raped,
my entrails, not yet fisted by some cannibal,
my feminity smiles, spared from being mutilated,
rod-stirred, object-stuffed, or wickedly gagged …
i am smiling,
for my child is so safely tucked,
with lovely, fancy bed time stories, in his bed
and no bullet or explosive, anywhere, is intended,
to buck my willfully sense-secured white hedge …
i am smiling,
for i have a movie to go to this weekend,
with my man without a feigning beard,
who is innocent of any wrong prosecutions,
a muslim, with a guiltless soul and chart …
i am smiling,
for i have condemned all the ‘aforesaid’ acts,
through li’l poems, one-liners, silence and spats,
and culled a tad attention towards my big heart,
making one responsible living thing of me, haven’t i?
i am smiling,
for humanity is just not at stake, or at test of time,
but already in dearth, in a dark pit, a cul-de-sac
with its both hands resting in its lap, and a smile,
limping thin legs, pitched in one slaughter-house,
that bears a neon billboard—‘barbarian to the core’ …
i am smiling,
for carnage, massacre, bloodbath, manslaughter,
not exposed to the enactment of any of these words,
i am so safe, so contended for not being one of ‘those’
though i condemn and express my grief, much duly …
i am smiling,
and will smile, for i was gifted as such by my God,
when i was born, i henceforth resolved to only smile,
till ………………………………………………
well … i was never sure … are you smiling anymore?

PS – ‘i’ stands for how diminutive we get, we feel, at the advent of such mishaps.


  1. hopefully if the smiles are worn away...it is not a permanent thing...we want to protect our kids too...keep them from this...but sadly it is our reality...all too soon...

  2. It jolts the hardest souls our of slumber. What depravity this?