Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Delish Love ???

Opium of thy love slithers through my veins

Turning me blue as I struggle to breathe

Vision is blurred and my warmth thou slained

Numb and lifeless as the longing heart failed to whine

A muse or a wrath let the time strain

Oh my precious, once thou whispered in my ears

Words floated through my void soul, and,

Eyes liquefied them into tears

If ever I knew, and heart could bear with my mind

How vague and vain were thy words

Wouldn’t have let my wounds nurture those thorns

Yes the thorns, grew tearing and bleeding my clad

Mushrooming on my unrequited love, they flourish to sic

To turn and burn me into paralyzed ash

“Liquid silk is your skin”, mumbling and caressing entwined

Burlap conceals the shrewd soot now I exhale

My plight lovingly breeds thy mirth and astonishment

Tears have turned into red wine, parched lips can devour

Black is the hue of my blood struggling through my veins

Heart shaped as artichoke lie on thy counter, chopped and sliced

Heartbeats? Oh they have  already ceased and are calm as sea

And my maze love graved and resting, pale dead oh-so-numb

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  1. “Liquid silk is your skin” just loved the way you weaved this plot ... this is so full of power ... awesome !!!

  2. This was very emotionally powerful my friend.

    1. I am glad that you liked it...thank you Keith :)

  3. ha. nice...i like the way you say things...your phraseology...and you def ring out the emotion as well....enjoyed this...and great to see you again at dverse...

  4. some great images in fav being the heart shaped as artichoke lie chopped on thy counter...

    1. Thank you Claudia for visiting my blog :)

  5. Vividly described! Unique vision of love.

  6. I like the contrasts and rich imagery of your piece. Nice work!