Sunday, 6 January 2013


Tossing in my oh-so-cozy bed and occasionally staring at the wall where I once had his picture pasted and with big hearts drawn in pink and red to outline my immense love for him.
Love, so boundless and formless, yet I have seen it when he used to lovingly cup my body in his strong arms and carry me to the bed while stars in the dark sky witnessed it, have felt it through his passionate and wet kisses, and have smelt it in his breaths which drove me crazy enough.
This is the hour when we used to explore the depth of our love, together and that hour seemed to end for eternity.
How I wish to dive again, dying to be with him again, to seek the same passion filled moments, wish those pink and red lines could have helped me in capturing those fleeting moments as they captured my love and his picture.
The million scattered twinkling stars are mocking at my loneliness as they enjoy with their beloved and amidst them the lonely moon being my only companion, it knows my pain and I can understand its tonight.

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  1. Lost love.
    So sad, and so beautifully captured.


  2. The pain of memories spent in love, now lost ... you have explored this superbly with your words ... amazing !!!