Wednesday, 27 February 2013

~ Love Pie! ~

~ Love Pie! ~

Ms Puffet Bell wished to bake a love pie for her smirky lost love
Mr Grumpy, the baker uphill only knew to get the ingredient straight
She ran to his place of creative space, and
Did put forth her craving to make him tackle her wish
He shuddered, smiled, and then finally grinned
“Oh Sweet, it’s so damn easy, I am the master of the trait!”
Ms Puffet Bell couldn’t help but twinkle her pearly eyes …
Tendering her the list as long as the Rapunzel’s braid
“Get me these love tit-bits from the corner shop with incandescent lights!”
Craftily, flawlessly, Ms Puffet Bell reeling and swirling as in utopia
Basket brimming with knick-knacks, she has culled for the succumb pie
And whilst bracing their fall, pulled up her flowing net gown to her ankles,
Her slender beautiful feet lovingly encased in flowery pink pumps, did glint …
“Helluva candy, you are sweet but tired, come sit here to have a glass of wine!”
One could see Mr Grumpy drooling and smouldering lecherously
Lowering her eyelids, she fluttered her eyelashes as thick as a spring tree
A dimple smile got etched on her pale face, lips quivered, and
Before words could touch her tongue to hit Mr Grumpy’s demented ears
Drops of salty water came sliding down her grey eyes, kissing her neck,
To fall on the floor dusted with leftover trinkets of baked love pie …
Finally Ms Puffet Bell spoke, not spoke but rebuked, so much to chide
Words burning enough to scorch his soul and melt his smutty brain
“Be all ears and mind the bass
I am not here to be your lass
Your mind would play tricks
Making you no good than a Frass
Being your forgotten wife
Is so much like a stained glass
Now stop being a crass and
Shove this love pie up your Amnesiac ass!”
Smirked Mr Grumpy, as if getting the drill and “Ooh, Honey!” all he said
Pensive and chagrin, Ms Puffet Bell decided to cook from the scratch …
Concocting involves swathing of nitty-gritty love arts,
Remoulding the emasculated heart to bake and shape, the Love Pie!

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  1. One of the more original poems I've ever read :)

    1. Thank you Keith....your words always inspire me :)

  2. A unique cross between an allegory and a fairy tale, albeit in the spirit of one done by the grimmest of the Grimm brothers.

  3. shove the lov epie up your ass....hahahahaha...this was a fun bit of a tale...almost fairy tale like at times...good to see you...been popping in to make sure i did not miss something by you...hope all is well...

    1. Thanku Brian...that is so thoughtful on your part...yea a bit on personal and health front but then writing revitalises me definately.....:)

  4. This is brilliant ... definitely one of your best ... a perfect story that flowed like a fairy tale ... WOW ... how do you manage to create such masterpieces time and again?

    1. Thank u so much....not a masterpiece but ofcourse writers like you inspire me to give a part of me :)

  5. This was a fun re-telling ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  6. an original and fascinating fairy tale , Chris

  7. ever, it was good to see you today...

    1. Its my pleasure to visit your space..its always fascinating :)

  8. nice writing sadia..Keep writing..GOD<3U

    1. Thank you sir for visiting my blog :)