Thursday, 14 March 2013

I know no New Season

Yes, I do know and, I'm very sure

You want me not, no anymore

Can you be a little patient,and

Shall we wait for a New Season?

Then we might fall apart

And walk a different path

Will you talk to me for a while?

And, let me hear your Last Smile

The Last Blush of your cheek

That makes my knees go weak

Still how can I make you stay here?

Feelings furled and nothing I bear

But, this is no good time to drift away

For searing summer season is on its way

Parched lips and cracked surface beneath

A glint of love and a drop of mist to breathe

The Girl flaunts her nut-brown tan to her friend

Soil thrust its chest oozing with love to attend

Won't you be the last thunder shower? 

Quench and spell cool the blood flower?

Autumn might soothe, enliven the dying blossom,

And bring some respite to burning heaving bosom

Falling leaves emulate forsaken love billow

Wish to be left naked as a weeping willow?

Winter coldly shouldering howling winds and snow

Will it be able to endure the burden of Icy teary woe?

No, no, no, trust me it won't…

They can't ever and they don't…

Poets shall wait for the season of romance to arrive

When the beautiful nature's tender buds fondly revive

Cheerful chirpy songs of spring birds freshen the withered air

It's the time for love to flourish wildly, can you even forswear?

Love is no less than the holly, always red, prickly yet evergreen

New Season needs callous inception, where love shall demean

Still if your efforts to slay the love go in vain

Wait for the day when I shall feel no more pain

You will be an achiever, a loveless winner, a warrior buoyant

Isn't defeating love and finding New Season, a triumphant?


  1. What an inspirational and uplifting post!! It's so good to see you back :)

  2. gorgeous lines...Soil thrust its chest oozing with love to attend..GOD<3U

  3. ah some really cool phrasing in this...hear your ‘Last Smile’ your mix of senses....Soil thrust its chest oozing with love to just a cool is seasons...naturally and in love as well...nice use of them in this...i dont doesnt feel triumphant...more a pyrrhic victory in this...

    1. You got that right Brian....not a triumphant ofcourse...and it isnt possible to design life or season deprived of love..thanku :)

    2. true that...though we might try...hope you are having a great week

    3. Not that great...some health issues..hope you having a great time :)

  4. Marvelous with a capital M, A, R and every other letter. Each of your poem makes me feel that it would be your best work, but you prove me wrong always. Let me say it again, I feel this is your best work. And I know, you will prove me wrong again with your next poem. This is just so good. You are a true wizard of words madam !!!

    1. You make me fly high ...really...well praises definately helps one grow ...n hopefully i will :)

  5. Some deep feelings in this Sadia. I like how you used the imagery of seasons to convey mood as well.

    1. You caught the mood Jennifer...deep feelings indeed...thanks a lot fr visiting :)

  6. Profoundly emotional and sentimental. Looks like the true feelings inside you are the makers of this post. Lovely read Sadia! :)

    1. Its always the same with all my posts..thnx a lot :)

  7. Wow this is a truly amazing post! I can really feel every word that you have written here. LOVELY! :)

    Found you through a comment on Rachit's blog and just dropped by. A follower now :)


    1. Ahh you are always welcome and its nice to have you here ..thnx a ton :)