Saturday, 19 October 2013



Hoon kisi beghar b'dar dhool ka p'hredaar 
Hazaar qatron ka bana hoon main yaar
Saanson main gir'ftaar  kari hai ek gehri Aah
Hoon main uska Hum-zubaan, Hum-nawa
Qaayenaat ko apne rag-rag main sama
Jhoomta ithlata main nayi rah hoon chala
'Gar ittefaq rakhna ho raha ho jo apko dushwaar
Mera maghroor wujood chubhta ho bar-bar
Paani ki kuch boonden palkhon main therayen
Phir unn ankhon ko qyaam't tak na jhapkayen
Ki zarra hoon, uthunga, udunga, phir basunga
Tab raat si syah ankhon main yun chubhunga
Tamam umar phir jo takleef m'hsoos kijiyega
Tab aap meri baadshah't manzoor kijiyega!


  1. Replies
    1. onlooker of dust I'm,
      drinker of thousand drops
      A deep sigh enclosed in my heart
      I sing in the same tone
      eternities belong to me
      as i wind my new course
      if that's a problem to you
      it troubles you again n again
      let a few drops swim under your lashes
      and keep your eyes wide open forever
      I'm a particle, shall rise n float n settle
      then would actually prick your black as night eyes
      the pain you would feel shall never end
      and then you'd believe how majestic I'm!

      Tried my best to keep it exactly the same :)

    2. 'Zarra' means a minute particle, Brian.....hope you can draw the context now :)

  2. This is amazing Sadia...I can tell you wrote it from the heart

  3. mazaa aa gaya ... aur chahiye :-)

  4. Problems with having a magroor wajood :) somebody always ends up crying

    1. It's not about being's about undermining something, considering it small, and it's capabilities worthless...