Friday, 26 September 2014

Long Gone …

Long Gone …
A pause ago, ah, I breathed,
Pollens of perfumed breath,
Taking in, obsessively,
That ‘ought’ to breathe,
Forsaken … Long gone …
Such late, even after twilights,
Caressing, fondling with,
My dull dab yearns,
Your warms words,
Snowed under … Long gone …
Your eyes, on swirls, hearth,
Kissing my flushed face,
Setting me thus ablaze,
Yes, that fiery blush,
Bricked … Long gone …
Vines, shrubs, shading a folly,
Bower of my rustic love,
Arboured gate, for you,
A boudoir, my heart,
Ruined castle … Long gone …
I, an unruffled subservient,
Incarcerated in your eyes,
Slave of your raw smile,
‘i’ from simply besotted,
Forgotten … Long gone …
Traces of our numbed longings,
Whispers of trembling lips,
Lingering to glassy edges,
Evanescing misty curls,
Frozen … (Sigh) … Long gone!

1 comment:

  1. but if there are still traces there ...even around the edges..that gives hope that perhaps....smiles.