Friday, 26 June 2015

For My Portrait!

For My Portrait!

A blank A4 size paper will do just fine,
And one glass ruler, to draw a line
Four margins, one each on a side
Precincts for me — to so abide

Sketch me then!

Sketch me in your words, flowing sweet
Write my face, and a nose thus so neat
Then write my lips, and kiss them deep
Write my eyes — awakened from a sleep
And when it is time; if you ache to stop,
Thence, my artist, let ellipsis … there flop

And someday from now, when I may not live,
In a little room, you shall sit with a mate,
Enfolded in a threadbare book
On the paper
Breathing in that ellipsis …
Unfinished sketch,
An ongoing poem,
I — by my artist — was never made to end!

I live …
In a hiatus!


  1. This is copy of a comment on your Facebook site, Sadia:

    "Honestly...I mean the TRUTH is that I sit here shaking my head--not overwhelmed by the fancy amalgamation of words...but wondering whence comes these most profound thoughts of yours. From where in your history-seeds has come the sweet fruits of, well, like, "MY artist, like God, has not finished with me, so I am still in the life mode, among the living Peeps of the Universe.

    Use of the word (twice, so that it is MEANT!) "ellipsis" literally knocked me off my chair (OK that's NOT true!!!) Living in a hiatus, constructed by an unfinished "you"...these are simply (yes...ever so simple) charming way to "see" one's life...and just skip death--because (I believe) we really do NOT die...just pass into the next phase of life! And YOU state all this SO well.

    If wrong what I say--OKAY, let it be, for you have again completed my day with thoughts which easily shall lead (in 5 minutes) and evolve into dreams.

    How can your readers EVER thank you for sharing this gift, this talent for putting logic into our so-scattered thoughts? PEACE and LIGHT, Dear Sadia! (I'm letting my ellipsis of this day...flop!)"

    1. Oh ... you render me speechless yet again, Steve ... what can I say more ... Thank you so, so much for reading and liking ...