Monday, 29 June 2015

Dear Reader of Mine!

Dear Reader of Mine!

I … was … a … chapter,
And I end today!

Breathing out the dirty-yellow puff of
Cheerless wallowing parlance
Fouling the page— named twelve—
Your sleepless finger lingered once
Where to my voiceless being …

My tired voiceless being that molded
Mutely in the thick cosseted book
That you kept beneath
The ponderous mattress
To leisurely read the morrow …

Morrow, the lazy morrow,
Always failed to turn up
And forgetting me became your habit …

And your old habit, dear reader of mine!
Should I tell you now?
No more, if you’d muse,
Dwelling on my phrasings,
Tasted by your tongue— a long ago—
My remembrance too may
Fade away soon …

And I shall perish within my banal confines! 

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