Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Tree & The Creeper!

The Tree & The Creeper!

Stood by a misty, mighty brook,
The wisdom tree,
Of the finest means …
Laden with ambrosial meal,
For Heer, Shirin, and akin …

A bemused seed from afar,
Tempted to this far,
Kissed the sweet heel, of the huge yet benevolent tree,
Sipping a drop of its acumen, on the tip of its tongue
And thenceforth burrowed … to jab its head neatly
Upside down into the plowed soil, it went traditionally …

Leaves spurted to life! Oh, what a joy!

Sinuously prone on the soil,
It rejoiced for a while, and then held its head high
To measure the wisdom tree’s height, from nigh
Lo! Ponderous clouds hugged the tree, mid-calf
‘Tree must have smoked in its ignorant youth!’
The sad creeper mulled over and over, until weary…

Slithering like a drowsy snake,
It climbed an arm’s length, in a sum of seventeen days …

‘Hiatus!’ the creeper sighed to a lull, and slumbered
And then, snapped a reverie —
Of the amorous tree falling down, and as the tree did,
The creeper smelled and tasted its death … the first
The tree has been whispering life into it, until now …

The creeper rejoiced! Again! Rousing from the trance,
With eyes doused in sappy water!
‘I shall catch your plummeting bright seeds, O’ Tree
To bear them nicely in my greenish womb,
Unto the bronzed death.
And to nurse your wisdom in me, even after I have withered!
Whence beheld the finer reason of my being?’
The creeper, in rapture, squealed!

And the wisdom tree, thus lived, forever …

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