Friday, 17 July 2015

Forgetful Me!

Forgetful Me!

From like a reverie,
I snap out of my talk,
Looking foolishly around
And nothing I remember …

Walking past the same corner,
For the hundredth time,
Scratching my forehead
I sketch a fresh landmark …

Still recalling names of those,
Who must have sat across,
Sharing chicken sandwiches
Or may be something more …

Memories do always evaporate
Like camphor from my palm
Leaving behind a cold-wet
Remembrance of the presence
Sometimes pleasant, often peeving
But not for long …

This and even a whit, will dissipate
May be not in a blink of an eye,
But as an evanescing writ …
And you shall thus be gone
Dissolved in the air— traceless

Like camphor from my palm!

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