Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A ride of Pleasure

Watery ecstasy raining from your dreamy eyes,

Drenching me as I get hold of you my love, benign

Perfectly filing your delicate curves, intricate angles,

As your velvety pearled skin glides under mine

Burning desires and melting passion,

I crush all under my manly thrust

Heaven is where I dwell at the moment,

Under my sweaty self, our love blossom

Your parting lips, yearning for more,

Savouring you is my only living wish

Reaching your tongue, a tryst hence accedes,

Twisting and twirling, we play a little while

Drinking your liquid love and glossy warmth,

I caress your honey dripped moist skin

Warped am I cupping all our candid emotions,

Mellifluous still remains the love we share

Devouring all the flavours from lips to neck,

Bosom is the search my lips fondly indulge

Melodious sound of your heavy breathe,

Rhythm filled moment makes me crave for more

Small hungry kisses and passionate love bites,

Colouring your cheeks red as you lovingly coy

Urge is melting and so are we with the moment,

Making out with you, my love, maneuver sublime

Curling up all the gaps and spaces between us,

I take you on a ride of delirious pleasure…


  1. You know I am a big movie buff, and there are some movies that really take my breath away. You can take the examples of PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS and BABEL. I never get tired watching them, and every time they leave behind a deep impression on my soul.

    Now, this is exactly what your poem does. This piece is so powerful, full of heart and soul, and burning with a raw passion that it sticks on to your thoughts, grasping your heart tightly long after it has been read. I have read it at least 5 times now, and each time it's beauty increases ten fold. I don't know what special ingredient you have used in preparing this delicacy, but it sure is a masterpiece.


    1. an overwhelming comment this time....thanks a lot...n am happy that you liked it...
      Yesssss...a looonggg way to go :)

  2. You use such vivid and accurate imagery in your writing. The reader is actually in the scene.

    1. Thank you Kim...I try to touch the accuracy where visalization gets easy and enjoyable...still learning and appreciation like yours definately helps me grow :)

  3. benign? Kindly, mild, ... I suppose it could mean gentle. It seemed a funny word for such a passionate poem. Nicely done--- it isn't always easy to write a poem like this and keep it from getting bawdy. (not sure I have ever used that word before - ha)

    1. Benign has been used for the lady and yes it means maintain that subtle element in the poem and to keep it at bay from gettng too raw...
      Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  4. reading ur stuff is like watching a muvy....verryy interestingg...