Monday, 31 December 2012

Forbidden Memories ...

“Mommy mommy” her five and a half year old daughter Sanya is calling  but she is not even looking at her. Priya is not here , lost somewhere deep, deep in her thoughts , thoughts about her past , thoughts about her dreams, Thoughts about her true love which was so pure, so inseparable but now a memory only.

Little Sanya this time pulls her dupatta and at the same time pulls her out of her trails of thoughts. “Mommy Mommy , look here na " . Being in a fit of her memories Priya tries hard to smile "Yes my darling baby, tell me what you want to show mommy "  “Mommy look look , you have got two grey hair on this side” Sanya points out her cute little fingers towards her hair “Mommy r u gettng old”. Another blow of despair hits Priya this time really hard, “M I growing old , but I have not even lived my life properly, the way I wanted always . My dreams were destined to be fulfilled but now” and she again loses herself to her memories.

Priya is a thirty two year old, very well educated lady married to vikram who is posted as a highly paid and respectable manager in a Europe based company and Sanya is their only kid, the only reason for them being still together . A nine year old relation has hit the rocks hard , breathing its last few breaths. Few months more and everything will turn to ashes. Priya has tried everything to save her marriage for the sake of her daughter Sanya but Vikram is as admant as he was nine years back. Nothing seems reversible now.It has to end one day, sooner or later. The day Sanaya leaves for her Bording school in Nainital , Vikram will leave Priya too. She will be left alone with her past and some Forbidden memories.


  1. It's sad, and the forbidden memories might haunt her forever, but sometimes that's the best you can do :-)

    1. Forbidden memories serve the very purpose you mentioned...they haunt till either you break or refuse to break