Saturday, 8 December 2012

Only, if YOU ever knew...

I am not perfect, and I don’t know how to show,

You are my entire world, only, if YOU ever knew…

Dismayed and shattered, my heart bleeds,

A word to caress and a hug, is it all needs…

Kisses that melted us, touches that were so profound,

You could have read that all in my eyes,

Only, if YOU ever knew….


Wings I got from your love that was so benign,

I flied high in the sky of eternal bliss and frolic joy…

Innocuous and Saigne was the love we once endeared,

Insatiable it stands as I dawdle here alone,

On the path we once together strolled….


Life is so gloomy and my world has turned vile,

My heart is turning somber  without you…

You won’t ever know this, still I wish,

Only, if  YOU ever knew.....

A heart broken Lover