Monday, 20 May 2013

Excerpt from something called 'SOMETHING'

“I'm trying my limits, and thinking, how deep should I go without letting you know”

“You can go any length, till you don't drown yourself”

“I won't drown myself, because I'm familiar with it, may be a little less for now, but soon shall touch those damp darkened corners”

“Help yourself, they won't bite, the only thing I can assure you of”

“And, what if I drown?”

“You won't, if you trust me…”

“And, what if I really want to?”

“It isn’t worth drowning--not et al”

“Huh, you bet—Sweetheart?”

“You see the chasm…so do I…It can smell our fear--fear of loosing the grip, and falling into it, for ever”

“Does falling hurts?”

“It does, if you can’t resist the charm of it and plunge yourself deeper into the pain”

“I would love to taste it, the pain”

“Don’t lie, I see it in your eyes…you are afraid of something, may be”

“May be?—this is how you define Ambiguity”

“I would rather call it ‘Inhibition’”

“Call it anything, that wouldn’t change the extent of my longing”

“What is that I see in your eyes then? If not the fear”

“Of course it is fear”

“Fear of?”

“Not knowing you—losing you—forever—sweetheart”

“Oh, I love the way you play with your words”

“I love you too”


“What—oh, did I say ‘you’, whoopsie...I meant ‘yours too’”


“Yes, you play with your words better than anyone I have ever known”

“On that note, I got something for you…want to hear?”

“Of course sweetheart”

“Here it isRansacking my clear-as-water thoughts, however deep you dive...swimming through the tides of my mood might seem easy and fun-to-do for now but, what if I tell you...Dear…the depth you fathom is still too shallow!

“Oh my, I love it…I got something for you too…see if you can comprehend it, my love”

“Bring it on, and save ‘Love’ for later”

“I can, surely. Here it is—A hurried tryst of lips, burning in melting desire, exploring anything and everything coming in the way… to taste the heaven in each others warmth, the honey of passion, dripping and folded into much love and lust....a moment when they become one, to leap the physical boundaries...when the rest of their body is crying in sublime pain, pain of ecstasy that drives the urge to shun their rugs and let the velvet rub against each other...the moment when they wish to dive into each other’s depth to grab the most beautiful feeling, to jump into the chasm to catch the bliss of touching the stars on the seventh heaven dissolve into each other’s arm…till eternity…

You’re impossible!”

“Come-on, call it what?”


“I call it a ‘Kiss’—Sweetheart”



  1. ha. fun conversation, i like the embedded verse as well...its got heat for sure....rather playful and cat n mouse...

    1. Lolz...I'm playing around with words these days...happy that it amused you :)

  2. Quite an interesting conversation captured here :)

    1. Thank you keith, I gave it a shot...hope to get better:)

  3. Ah! Those conversations when you just play around words are a beauty of a relationship! Brilliant stuff Sadia! Loved it!

    1. I love them the most, it makes a coversation never ending and intriguing....I can go on with such conversation forever :)