Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Remember ?

 Remember?  You are a free bird

Go find your unspoofing abode

Peace and trust guiding the gates of where

Reach for the Moon, marked by the arrow ‘GO’

Love awaits with open arms and naked eyes

Eyes, a gateway to heart, once heard

I was a halt, a place to rest your unbridled thoughts

Go-Slow, U-Turn and Stop are not your captivators

Spread your wings, go, go, go

Soar high in the clouds

Use unused unclenched fist to hold onto your dreams

And the metal claws I gave you to unhinge the door

Clouds with the silver lining, lightning your flight

Grey sky with hued horizon watching and guiding steps

The cage I built once, to steal you from the world

Too shattered and a bit tattered failed to conceal you

Shrines of past and caricatures of present

Tomb engraved with aghast sorrow and pain

Misery and tears assemble to congregate

Go fly, before they delve for your sublime soul

Resurrection happens to vampires and angels

Don’t wait for mine, I am a feeble insatiable trap

Fly, fly, fly, before I change my mind and

Incarcerate your wings and make your breaths mine...


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Delish Love ???

Opium of thy love slithers through my veins

Turning me blue as I struggle to breathe

Vision is blurred and my warmth thou slained

Numb and lifeless as the longing heart failed to whine

A muse or a wrath let the time strain

Oh my precious, once thou whispered in my ears

Words floated through my void soul, and,

Eyes liquefied them into tears

If ever I knew, and heart could bear with my mind

How vague and vain were thy words

Wouldn’t have let my wounds nurture those thorns

Yes the thorns, grew tearing and bleeding my clad

Mushrooming on my unrequited love, they flourish to sic

To turn and burn me into paralyzed ash

“Liquid silk is your skin”, mumbling and caressing entwined

Burlap conceals the shrewd soot now I exhale

My plight lovingly breeds thy mirth and astonishment

Tears have turned into red wine, parched lips can devour

Black is the hue of my blood struggling through my veins

Heart shaped as artichoke lie on thy counter, chopped and sliced

Heartbeats? Oh they have  already ceased and are calm as sea

And my maze love graved and resting, pale dead oh-so-numb

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

She waits behind the glass

                                                             image by Daniel Murtagh

Seeping from the Shadows

Melting into her gleaming beauty,

She waits behind the glass

Unstained and unbroken like her quelled self

Every night Devil turns into a soulless beauty

And, the wait personifies

Her musings carnal, deep rooted

As she smitten 'the man' with her pale pearl skin

Golden venom adorn her neckline and,

Mere white flowery net kissing her nude bosom

Making him salaciously drool

Unspooling her intentions, plundering for her prey

She kisses him poison and her black deep eyes

Entice as his soul recoil

Dancing on her succumb lover she devilishly coy

Ah, what a beauty, her ways all so dainty

Relenting from her lover as his body turns cold

Myriad nights and myriad lovers,

Strumming her billowing desires

She waits behind the glass

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Monday, 7 January 2013


Prologue, Epilogue

Breathing the words in between

Creator’s script
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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Tossing in my oh-so-cozy bed and occasionally staring at the wall where I once had his picture pasted and with big hearts drawn in pink and red to outline my immense love for him.
Love, so boundless and formless, yet I have seen it when he used to lovingly cup my body in his strong arms and carry me to the bed while stars in the dark sky witnessed it, have felt it through his passionate and wet kisses, and have smelt it in his breaths which drove me crazy enough.
This is the hour when we used to explore the depth of our love, together and that hour seemed to end for eternity.
How I wish to dive again, dying to be with him again, to seek the same passion filled moments, wish those pink and red lines could have helped me in capturing those fleeting moments as they captured my love and his picture.
The million scattered twinkling stars are mocking at my loneliness as they enjoy with their beloved and amidst them the lonely moon being my only companion, it knows my pain and I can understand its tonight.

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