Monday, 29 June 2015

Dear Reader of Mine!

Dear Reader of Mine!

I … was … a … chapter,
And I end today!

Breathing out the dirty-yellow puff of
Cheerless wallowing parlance
Fouling the page— named twelve—
Your sleepless finger lingered once
Where to my voiceless being …

My tired voiceless being that molded
Mutely in the thick cosseted book
That you kept beneath
The ponderous mattress
To leisurely read the morrow …

Morrow, the lazy morrow,
Always failed to turn up
And forgetting me became your habit …

And your old habit, dear reader of mine!
Should I tell you now?
No more, if you’d muse,
Dwelling on my phrasings,
Tasted by your tongue— a long ago—
My remembrance too may
Fade away soon …

And I shall perish within my banal confines! 

Friday, 26 June 2015

For My Portrait!

For My Portrait!

A blank A4 size paper will do just fine,
And one glass ruler, to draw a line
Four margins, one each on a side
Precincts for me — to so abide

Sketch me then!

Sketch me in your words, flowing sweet
Write my face, and a nose thus so neat
Then write my lips, and kiss them deep
Write my eyes — awakened from a sleep
And when it is time; if you ache to stop,
Thence, my artist, let ellipsis … there flop

And someday from now, when I may not live,
In a little room, you shall sit with a mate,
Enfolded in a threadbare book
On the paper
Breathing in that ellipsis …
Unfinished sketch,
An ongoing poem,
I — by my artist — was never made to end!

I live …
In a hiatus!

Thursday, 25 June 2015



My love,
Hold my hand
Let’s walk together!

We have a long distance to cover …

To cross these lands, and swim those waters
Climb that moon, and to suckle on its nectars
Then brushing the cheek of dusk, ever so light
Sneak barefoot thus, into the nascent night

Riding the back of galloping forever …

I want you to write symphonies in my sweetest depths
And when you will—
I shall silently slip out of this quiver …

To dissolve as one soul,
For this night and ever!

And this delight, my love, be our nest
We have but a thousand dreams to raise—

A Black Swan …

A Black Swan …

A dark emotion,
Swanning high—
Should unfurl its sanguine wings,
In the wet nudity of thy soul …

Come here,
Let me bare this being,
Taking off
The absolute true farce,
Of thy garish clothes,
Erring skin,
And bone …

Behold, could thee?
Incandescent is the nothingness,
Beneath the ennui
So grey,
In thine eyes, afloat
Since a sinless life! 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

~ Ek baat bolun? ~

~ Ek baat bolun? ~
Unchi heel nahin hai pasand mujhe,
Mere paanv dukhte hain bohot
Tabhi toh ghar aate hi
Utaar phekti hoon
Aur thande paani mein daal leti hoon kuch der
Paanv apne …
Mujhe jism se chipke,
Chust kapde bhi nahin pasand
Saans lena bhi pahad sa lagta hai
Aur yaad aata hai apne ghar ka araam …
Mujhe toh pasand hai,
Nange paanv ghoomna
Jis wajah se roz daantte ho tum mujhe … hain na?
Pehenna chota, phata, gulabi-peela pyajama apna,
Aur hari wali ghisi-purani dheeli kameez tumhari
Do din na nahana
Aur baal na banana
Sirf munh dho ke mast rehna
Mujhe toh ye pasand hai
Khud ko khud sa aayine mein dekh pana …
Aur tum kehte ho, tumhare liye main sanwarti nahin
Ye kyon nahin kehte,
Tumhare saamne main koi aur banti nahin?

My Sketches

Monday, 1 June 2015

~ Speak! Please! ~

~ Speak! Please! ~

Your silence …
Knowingly fetches me this pain,
I fail to comprehend …
To see your lips dancing,
Sloshing and rippling the liquid sounds
I am miserably greedy for this wine alike
And if you speak now—
That should you, please
It will scorch my long wait
Floating down my parched throat
For I haven’t had wine for days
And yet, I will wallow and devour
For I am thirsty more and more
Your sweltering sweet voice thus I need
More than anything needed before …
Quench the craving of my empty glass,
Pour me your scant words, so
My sentence is ………………
…………………….. incomplete!