Monday, 20 April 2015

~ Every Night! ~

~ Every Night! ~

I thought of you,
And the moon hanging on the lower lip,
As a keen piercing in the crimson still sky,
Dipped an inch closer …

Your scented breaths,
Belonging to the spring meadows, those afar
Chime as the most precious silverware,
Any maiden would have …

Your whisperings,
Those hushes and sounds,
Heavy with reasons known and unknown,
Tales of lonely shore is told …

Your sweet kisses,
Dripping from my fingers,
Like honey-dew, on the deflowered bed-linen,
Weeping; wrinkled in your wake …

And I … for you I still wait,
In the dale of fantasy, with closed eyes …

My moon you are such crisp n’ clear,
Silken, a shade of muffled golden,
Perched nigh, and thus too low,
Brushing mine so gently, your eyelashes
Bathing my face in your moist memories …

But away,
An illusion you stay …

And so, I thought of you, once again
As I do every time, while quietly drinking the sight,
Of dusk losing itself in the tranquil arms of the night!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

~ An Escape! ~

~ An Escape! ~

A wanton thought, resonates several notches high
And a gasp, finds one happy seat …
Mouth open wide, twiddling tongue inside
Like a catfish in a tiny, dingy fishbowl
Whose shooting star is on a lazy sabbatical!
I scramble from wall to wall,
Scraping the varnish to get out,
And the round glass bowl— it seethes morosely …
A windy patio or a concealed courtyard,
Grapes laden vineyard— even better
Waft of sweet-tangy air,
Crossing my feral mud-trail,
And I pounce on the wandering slice,
To inhale it … deep and sharp!
I need to breathe,
And to stretch my impatient arms,
For a thought,
A raw, visceral thought of you—
Innate craving for your piquant smell
When yawns unkindly in my heart,
My chest gets tight and burdened,
Willing to swell and expand
And dark, dull yearnings pool deep in my belly,
Billowing warm jitters kiss my sweaty hands,
And I shiver …
To elope, and fade away,
Covet then my frenetic feet—
Either in you, such a mellow land,
Where sun and moon graze the sheathed lies
Or to a wild, windswept fabled ground,
Never known or sought by any cultured eyes!