Thursday, 31 October 2013

~An Agonizing Letter From A Quilt Lover~

Dear YOU,

World seems magically beautiful, wrapped in a hazy dream like fog…coolness of air tingling its ribs, caressing its chubby cheeks…birds lazing around atop high branches of some yellowish green tree…cats stealing the bits of nap from under the elbow of sleeping sun…Dogs, who are not as lazy as cats, waiting princely for their morning breakfast to fall from sky, if not Manna then at least a loaf of bread or some harassed naked bone…Soon they’d be seen chasing cars and playing with poly bags who’ve lost their way, and can be seen shivering and moseying the streets. Thank you lord, somebody still finds them usable…
Such is the immaculate and flawless beauty of winter, only if I could witness it from under my warm quilt. All enigmas are wasted, I tell you.
I tried though, somehow. Drilled a cave in my cozy quilt with the tools I had; my unenthusiastic hands. However, my iced up pink nose and watery glacial eyes took away all the joy.
I again let the quilt cave in, and hurl all its warmth and weight over me.
Would later chide the winter for its unruly attitude towards a nature lover, for now, I only wish to Hibernate! 

         Yours Truly, 
A Shivering Quilt Lover

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Moment Forever

Take me in your arms,
And make my heart fly..
Kiss me once and last,
A kiss, a love tale
Platinum true,
Honey sweet,
Moist tear,
Nude skin,
Sea deep,
Pure dew,
A kiss, rare as you…
And, hitherto,
Answer my soul’s ‘WHY’…

I draped myself in his favorite color Saree; deep blue it is. With thousands of silver stars hanging upside down, twinkling into my face, watching their clear ripple less reflection in my watery haze. He called me up in the evening from his office, and told me not to prepare dinner. It was our fifth anniversary. He had planned something as always, I knew.
Since last four years, on the eve of our anniversary, we have been dining out in our favorite restaurant. Exquisite diner, with such a romantic ambience, and that dim yellow light filling in the room would make you fall in love, again and again, with the place. I’ve loved this place always. A five year old relation indeed, akin to our marriage.
Exactly at 20:45, he was outside the house and rang the bell once. I can vouch anytime any day for my man and his patience. When I opened the door, he eyed me inanely from my auburn hair to my coral blue heels, from my mascara to my nail polish, but didn’t say a word. He as usual ambled towards our bedroom, grabbed his towel and walked into the bathroom to take his regular shower. He was tired, I knew. I could read his face easily and those tension lines on his cringed forehead would always narrate the story of his stressed day in a telltale voice. They did whisper to me today also, though in a bit louder tone.
Everything seemed normal; nothing offbeat; nothing special as from erstwhile.
Meal wasn’t cooked as instructed by him, and we would be skipping our dinner tonight it seemed. He was lying in bed, clothed in his Night Pajama and cotton tee. Neither having chutzpah, nor intention of inquiring about the dinner, I too slipped into my sleek pajama and loose T-shirt, and crawled into the bed, beside my kid. I’ve a four year old kid from my five years of marriage.
I slept, not out of choice but of my dire requirement to curb my heart wrench and surfacing tears.
At midnight, when clock arms were nevertheless romancing each other physically for the second time in a day, my cell phone beeped with a whatsapp ping. Reaching out for my phone, I tried to stare on its screen with my half opened eyes, squinting at the sudden brightness piercing the blinding darkness around. It was from him, and it read, ‘Happy Anniversary, my angry bird…oops, wifey.’
I turned around to look for him and there he was sitting at the edge of our bed smiling, with a perfect heart shaped cake resting in his place of sleeping.

‘Happy fifth anniversary,’ He mouthed the words,
not willing to stir the tranquility blooming in the moment.
I emulated his gesture flawlessly.

Cake was a mere trailer of what was yet to come or I’d have rather termed it as Love Ascending. Thereafter, I smelled nature's  freshness in my room, and a bouquet of red and white roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolates appeared from nowhere, like he had conjured the art of whooshing his magic wand and making the empty dry AC air transform into some desired object, sitting atop his palm or on bed.
Then followed one Alpino pack consisting of two golden wrapped wafer chocolate balls.Unwrapping those enveloped balls, individually, revealed us two enclosed secret love messages.

I’d like to be with you during a moment called Forever...’

‘Smile, if you have big nostrils. Because love is in the air...

And we smiled to each other and to this beautiful moment. I was entirely basking in the cozy warmth of love. And, as if my heart wasn’t enough overwhelmed, he told me to get ready for another and the final surprise. My heart started racing not sure of what the next moment had in store for me. Pleasant for sure, but ‘what’ kept getting on my nerves till he elbowed and mimed making me look
towards the big wall clock as its pendulum swayed in rhythm with my heartbeats, or a tad slower. It was 00:40.
It was on October 11, 2008 that our Nika’h took place, at 00:40. This was the time we were waiting for us to cut our Anniversary cake.
He held my right hand and guided the knife into the heart of the heart shaped cake. And the sharp edge of knife hit something. I was yet to know.

A Platinum Ring. If you could imagine my ecstasy.
I shrieked. I yelled. I cried. I threw myself in his arms and hugged him tightly. And he said lovingly stroking my tousled tresses.
‘Platinum ring for the Platinum of my life. You did bear with me in my worst, endured every brusqueness our marriage offered you at times. Kept holding my finger  when I felt alone. Gave me needed sense of warmth and confidence. And made me feel most loved and precious.’
And I was already crying. But he continued. His words oozing like warm honey from the depths of his manly heart.

‘You’re as precious as any precious metal or gem in this world, and Platinum reminded me of you. Precious. Beautiful. A Lifelong partner. Rare and Eternal.’

I could only manage to say, ‘I love you’ and tears sopped my words. He held me tight in his strong embrace and rocked me till I could feel serenity dawning on me and my soul.
Love is as timeless as Platinum. I’d cherish both till I breathe.
I found my unique and perfect Platinum Day of Love.
And, we as soul-mates found our Love moment together. 
For now, and forever.

PS—All the Pictures used here are from my Personal Album belonging to my Personal Life, and shouldn't be used anyway.    

This post has been written for Platinum Day of Love        

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Wish Me Spider

Photo Credit: Faraaz Kaazi

Wish Me Spider

~The same house but a different window
Uncharted terrains on an erstwhile horizon,
 Sky freshly painted orange and black
An abyss to be dived and drowned still
Find me there where life is unrehearsed
And, breaths dwell in cobwebs unfazed
Droplets of fear dangle homespun around
And, pearly thread-hung life smiles unbound!~

Monday, 28 October 2013

~A Mother

A rogue kid from his section bullied him, and the next day he carried a toy to school, hidden in his bag's front pocket.
When he was about to get off the car, his father looked into the bag owing to its unusual heaviness, and found one black color Toy Pistol.
On being lovingly prodded and after a bit of strict inquiring, he replied, ‘XYZ ne mere baal kheenche they kal, aaj main usko goli maar doonga…uski band baja doonga.’ (XYZ pulled my hair yesterday; today I'd shoot him, and make him suffer)

Yes, he is my kid, who uttered these words in a huff of anger to his shell-shocked father.
I wanted to smile on this little Dabang(Rowdy) born of me, but the birthing of some Devil inside my little kid scared me to hell.
These little devils thwarting in little hearts turn into monsters if not smothered and crushed.
What should I infer?
Nil patience and so much anger…where would it lead the next generation to?
What would be my kid's behavior after twenty years down the line from this incident, with more physical strength and increased exposure to real Toys of death and destruction?
And, last but not the least…
Whom should I call Rogue?
Any kid bullying my kid, or the society and movies embedding this nonsense in small innocent brains…
I'm clueless!

~A Mother

Sunday, 27 October 2013



~ Chalo kuch yun Khuda ko na paane ka bahana karen,
Zarra behad shauk se rehta hai tanha iss lambe safar main..

Pa liya hota usko toh yun berozgaar akele na tahal rahe hote,
Kisi ki neend-o-sukoon bante, niwala aur shifa bante, iss safar main..

Ek meri saans hi awaaz karti hai galeechon aur daron ke darmiyan ,
Aahat jab khaali ghar si lagi tab yaqeen hua ki hoon kisi behad akele safar main…~

Friday, 25 October 2013

My Nomad Girl

~My Nomad Girl~

Meet my cascade of fables
Brook of silhouetted allegory
Look into her eyes,
Do you see that paling of Kohl?
Look at her skin,
And soak its Subterranean tan
Traces of distance
She walked spring from her head
Urn hips of her
Sway in rhythm to Rock 'n Jazz
Her luscious nude lips
Watch out, before you're sucked in
She would wear any color
None can rob her of her laugh
Jingling seven bangles
Encircling her wrist, and the earth
Her sweet bosom
Treasuring the million true-tales
When a mist in your dim room
Lying like a fresh silk on your bed
Never let her fondle your colors
She is a stealer of rainbows
To wear them high on her arms
Beware when she touch 'n kiss
The Sherry glass of French red wine
For it would be your consciousness
She would drink till last drop
If you're already breathing the trap
And in trance sing her songs
Those of Mediterranean lands
Relinquishing your merry heart
Know her name then, O' enslaved
Call her not Seductress or Aphrodite,
She is the mélange of all terrains
The Enchantress, My Nomad Girl!

PS—This poem is the plain flowing inspiration from the picture of another poet, writer, and a friend…Ratika…aka Asteria's canvass….Thank you so much Love…owe you a many hugs, my 
Nomad Girl  ;)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Butterfly In Embryo

Butterfly In Embryo

Wearing butterfly-wings underneath my skin
I wish to fly, to soar high and touch the sky
With you holding my arms, being at my side
A push to let me fly, rebelling against my life
Push me off the crag; Let my wings quiver 'n tear
Wails piercing like howl of some night's vixen in daylights fear
Taste of air on my tongue would dance me away from my lair
Do keep hold of those ropes, for my wings are yet too fragile
Leaving their rainbow colors on fingers of those with grips so vile
Also not let cold poison of failure secretly steep into my thoughts
That I can never fly, and that soaring is much childishly sought
So, make me fly
Even if it's a lie
Propel me very high
But, keep me your nigh!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lily 'n Brow

Lily 'n Brow
Mistress pouts her dead lily, too
And, ponder what to sacredly woo
Truth it'd faintly behold
Slave of treasures UNtold
On a parchment of unsung song
O' Mademoiselle! How slow they unfold
Miming your open arms yearning long
From dark 'n dim corners made of gold
Two rainbows of lust 'n love to ascend
Birthing from the ruby womb of your brow
Floating to your faded petals, it descend
Crawling underneath the skin, oh so cold!
And, swallowed to meet your pale crow
Surrogate tongue once you merrily sold
Oh! Look, what it'd fairly behold
Eaten bits of truth, flesh so bold
And, broken chewed bones so cold
Not mold?
You squeeze ripened truth and your tongue mourn
Between white teeth and wailing lily, Juices sworn,
It still enfold—It still enfold
Alas! To be lamented, and told!

Saturday, 19 October 2013



Hoon kisi beghar b'dar dhool ka p'hredaar 
Hazaar qatron ka bana hoon main yaar
Saanson main gir'ftaar  kari hai ek gehri Aah
Hoon main uska Hum-zubaan, Hum-nawa
Qaayenaat ko apne rag-rag main sama
Jhoomta ithlata main nayi rah hoon chala
'Gar ittefaq rakhna ho raha ho jo apko dushwaar
Mera maghroor wujood chubhta ho bar-bar
Paani ki kuch boonden palkhon main therayen
Phir unn ankhon ko qyaam't tak na jhapkayen
Ki zarra hoon, uthunga, udunga, phir basunga
Tab raat si syah ankhon main yun chubhunga
Tamam umar phir jo takleef m'hsoos kijiyega
Tab aap meri baadshah't manzoor kijiyega!

Sunday, 6 October 2013



~Qaayal kartin hain mukhtalif si do hi adayen aapki,
Ek qatl karna, phir Janaaze ko kaandha dena apka..

Yun sharmate hue humse rubaroo hona  uss pahar,
Phir yakayak chilman ki aad main simat jaana apka..

Apni surmayi Ankhon se humare chehre ko chooma tha kabhi,
Aaj unhi masoom ankhon ka pathar sa sakht kar lena apka..

Jin hathon ki chuuan se seene ne sukoon paya tha ek roz,
Unhi haathon se humare seena par khanjar chalana apka..

Humari har pasand ke upar apni zidd ko rakhne wale,
Aaj qabr par humari pasand ka soz-e-peela gul rakhna apka..

Yaqeen maniye ek gham-numa dil liye leti hai qabr apne seene main,
Wajah? Hothonn pe muskurahat liye yun palat kar chale  jaana apka…~

Friday, 4 October 2013



 Sky, Alas, is now dusty gray
Whom now to play a prey
No fancy clouds to ornate
Time bemoans to hibernate
Let my angst be asleep
A deep slumber to keep
Till a Magpie soars to a height
To kiss the nape of Sun's twilight
And, hitherto, I shall return
Again to burn, Again to burn!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Liquefy Me

Liquefy Me

Take me not a meal
Call me not, O’ hot
Make me water
Lucid essence of life
Being a starter, for you
Ask them who do
Main course flipping every time
You sit in your dine
Is neither my choice
Nor do I find it fine
Prefer not to be a dessert
Dig your sweet tooth
If you know, somewhere else
Let not hunger ride your mind
Hold my heart gently, be kind
If my skin smells of some delight
Or, your hormones ought me to be
Cease your thoughts of feasting on me
Take me not a meal, call me not, O’ hot
Be thirsty to drink what my wings have got!