Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Butterfly In Embryo

Butterfly In Embryo

Wearing butterfly-wings underneath my skin
I wish to fly, to soar high and touch the sky
With you holding my arms, being at my side
A push to let me fly, rebelling against my life
Push me off the crag; Let my wings quiver 'n tear
Wails piercing like howl of some night's vixen in daylights fear
Taste of air on my tongue would dance me away from my lair
Do keep hold of those ropes, for my wings are yet too fragile
Leaving their rainbow colors on fingers of those with grips so vile
Also not let cold poison of failure secretly steep into my thoughts
That I can never fly, and that soaring is much childishly sought
So, make me fly
Even if it's a lie
Propel me very high
But, keep me your nigh!


  1. If I were to ask God something, I would surely ask to be gifted with the poetic prowess that you possess ... Why can't I ever write like this? :-(

    1. God..what should I leave me speechless, always :) Thanks :)

  2. I love this Sadia. Those who make us fly really do wonders for our emotions.

  3. nice...having butterfly wings under your skin...i really like the hold the ropes because they are still so fragile....there is something so honest in that....

  4. Wonderful Sadia... "Do keep hold of those ropes, for my wings are yet too fragile" I loved this especially.

  5. :) .... I never had even a feeble idea that you are writing poetry .... and about the standards of it i would like to be silent .... after 15+ years coming to know about you ....