Friday, 25 October 2013

My Nomad Girl

~My Nomad Girl~

Meet my cascade of fables
Brook of silhouetted allegory
Look into her eyes,
Do you see that paling of Kohl?
Look at her skin,
And soak its Subterranean tan
Traces of distance
She walked spring from her head
Urn hips of her
Sway in rhythm to Rock 'n Jazz
Her luscious nude lips
Watch out, before you're sucked in
She would wear any color
None can rob her of her laugh
Jingling seven bangles
Encircling her wrist, and the earth
Her sweet bosom
Treasuring the million true-tales
When a mist in your dim room
Lying like a fresh silk on your bed
Never let her fondle your colors
She is a stealer of rainbows
To wear them high on her arms
Beware when she touch 'n kiss
The Sherry glass of French red wine
For it would be your consciousness
She would drink till last drop
If you're already breathing the trap
And in trance sing her songs
Those of Mediterranean lands
Relinquishing your merry heart
Know her name then, O' enslaved
Call her not Seductress or Aphrodite,
She is the mélange of all terrains
The Enchantress, My Nomad Girl!

PS—This poem is the plain flowing inspiration from the picture of another poet, writer, and a friend…Ratika…aka Asteria's canvass….Thank you so much Love…owe you a many hugs, my 
Nomad Girl  ;)


  1. Again, its me who should be kissing your hands for writing such mesmerising words.
    Honestly if a guy came up with that sort of poem i would have married the guy.. :p thanks darling for an absolute delight.

    1. Bad luck..we both are married and straight..lolz...seriously you made my day by lending your amazing pic :)

  2. Lovely poem as always Sadia. Your friend is lucky to have you!

  3. Thank God I don't know Asteri. Imagine that ??!!! :)) Good write

  4. she is a bit scary...a collector of those rainbows....she sounds like a temptress....heh...nice flow though and you def convey the picture of her....

    1. Yep....a dangerous yet beautiful temptress....
      But the person in picture is equally sweet...
      Thanks a lot Brian :)