Friday, 1 April 2016



At a distance from my home,
On the leeward side of the slope,
When a peculiar wind does blow;

The maleficent 'Indigo' blooms,
Float into the lungs of my room,
Coloring the puerile air dark blue;

Thence I cough, cuss, yet choke,
On the days, blithesome and agile,
Stirring deep in me, something vile.

I set fire to the crop that's why!

नील की खेती, उड़-उड़ कर आती, मेरे घर में,
दीवारें नीली हुईं, मैं ज़हरीली हुई,
खेत को आग लगा दी। #‎कमली