Thursday, 10 March 2016

Saudade of Thine

Saudade of Thine

This pleasure agonizes me,
And its ailment has turned,
To a twinge of amaranthine.

I should wander no more,
And spawn, thus, no further,
These jell-o poems of mine.

And twiddling words, thence,
Can jump the picket fence,
And saunter... until sunshine.

For they must return to me,
Before I retrocede to a glen,
Betwixt... Saudades of thine.

तू जो यहाँ है... मैं भी यहीं कहीं मिलूंगी,
कम, ज्यादा, तुझ जितनी ही खिलूंगी।

Saturday, 5 March 2016

O’ Seer

O’ Seer

O' Seer!
The fear,
It still is there.

Your presence, 
Forebodes it,
Subsumes it,
Consumes it;
And a redolency such benign,
Inundates the tiniest of its signs;
But to last only until, 
You are here...
And then... again I,
Should totter back to my lair.

It still is there,
The fear.
O' Seer!
O' Seer!

... इस डर से कैसे पार पाऊं ... #कमली