Tuesday, 31 March 2015

~ Let she be freed! ~

~ Let she be freed! ~
O’ allow her,
To wryly snub,
The bubbling arrogance,
So emerald greenly clear,
Lying as perennial weeds,
At the bottom,
Of your pleasing sea-akin cadence …
And make her say, ‘No’
To being the lady pawn moving across the board,
For she, puts her foot down,
And wears the empress crown
Regalia of her stature,
The waft of the robe, and the dazzling orb,
And the scepter … all her insignias ‘Invisible’
May not drive the imperial decisions,
But all the men and women, and their love for her
Her heart’s will,
Its desire …
And then, she says it not — not to return home,
The Will-o'-the-wisp may not sing in your ears,
The wooly whispers of her ‘miss you still’
But for you,
She will write. She will write. She will write.
In her humble blood, and modest tears,
Those ever failing to reach your rich heart!
But you’re her king,
No more. No more. No more.
And now, for reasons serpentine and thus so dark,
She awaits a ‘Freedom’ not-so-noble, and a ‘Pied-piper’,
For her sizeable coronated heart has shrunk,
Shrunk into,
One wenge-shaded, wany, scrawny mouse!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

~ Beauty! ~

~ Beauty! ~

Reined thus chambered chaos
Dainty wings,
On a flitting sunny butterfly
Dying leaf,
Imbued with confused hues
Budding life,
Enslaved to sinful colors, anew
Hidden lie,
Afloat in shallow cold breaths
Foggy winter night,
Deeply untold secret, when illumine
Dangling rung,
Of one sturdy dark wood staircase
Rusting key,
Loyal to a lock, lost that is now
Lying eyes,
Lips lapping smile, lopsided
Restless hands,
Still, nothing was ever found …
Love of beauty,
Venomous indulgence, O’ my Sire!
Beauty of love,
None lasted, never was defined!

Friday, 27 March 2015

~ The Chase ~

I desire you, obsessively, do you see?
You are so beautiful … mercilessly …

~ The Chase ~
Resembling one austere noon,
Ah, this unkind chase,
Seems deepening,
And darkening,
That of ‘rustic’ you …
With every bare inch,
Craved for so long,
Of your dusky skin,
I touched thus … alive …
As the distance,
Between us diluted,
To pave a neat way,
For a virgin submission,
Of the awakening, so nude
Of our sage souls …
I gathered and held you,
For those slippery moments,
Firmly that I could,
Before you lurched,
To amble away, scholarly,
Leaving some of me, witless,
Thirsty with a lost, silly wet tongue,
And cold as the stranger’s stare,
One lurking around,
At the sharp bend,
Of your dull alleyway!

Monday, 23 March 2015

~ Kaun ho Tum? ~

~ Kaun ho Tum? ~

Jawaab Maghrebi(cursive Arabic script),
Sukhan(poetry) naarangi,
Rukh e zaaffran(saffron)
Khuld(paradise) si safwan(unblemished) ho tum …
Uuude aasman ke ghilaaf(cover) mein,
Bar’aamde ki pehnaayi(width) si,
Maanind e khush-roo sehlaab(flood)
Khushnuma abshaar(waterfall),
Aab e hayat(elixir) ho tum
Mehekta agaaz ho tum …
Bekhudi ki ek khuraag,
Saanson ki rawani jo rawani rakhe,
Woh suroor e pyaas, woh khumaar ho tum …
Khizaan(fall) sa main,
Mayaar(scale) e bahaar(spring) ho tum …
Garam raet mein panah’gah si,
Kya woh hi saraab(mirage) ho tum?
Shadaab ho, shabaab ho, mahtaab ho,
Jo mayassar na hua mujhe kabhi,
Kya woh hi ek jalta alftaab ho tum?
Uff … kya lajawaab ho tum,
Khawaab ho tum,
Khawaab ho tum
Khawaab ho tum …

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

~ Tired! ~

~ Tired! ~

Pale under the same meteor shower
Down the beaten-by-years, shy lane
By the flower-laden, so fair a bower
Where love has kept me true n’ sane …

To amble with the lumbering wait
Below the crumbling red tree house
Not to see plush cherry-ness abate
In my own tears, thus, I so douse …

Sapped is the sky, a wait so lingers
A dusted path is on its eyes’ fingers …

Planks’ cheeks askance, going deep sore
Losing the bough, no trail on the ground
In me too, a lonely wait is left, no more
And so shall sleep, serene, still, sound!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

~ Khaalis Unwaan … Tum …~

~ Khaalis Unwaan … Tum …~
Toot’ta makaan,
Hatheli se phisalta, ikhtiyaar e maskaan,
Ubharti aur behtar taur se, makhsoos khalaayen,
Sendhon mein phasa pada,
Aundhe munh, ruk ruk kar saansen bharta,
Uljha, ghabraya sa, nisbat e maqaam …
Parat parat udhadta bardaash’t e madda,
Eent eent girtin chaar-su ujdii deewaren,
Ek purani fitri seelan,
Mere wujood ko bade shauk se nigal rahii thi …
Phir uss roz,
Khuloos ka odhe taaza-tareen libaas,
Daanton mein dabaye zubaan,
Kaanp’te hue hathon se,
Gehri soch ki koochi liye,
La’parwaah andaaz mein,
Mujh be-rang ko,
Dobara se rang daala …
Kore pannon par be’shak,
Main utaarti hoon ab … tumhari,
Badan ki garmi O jumbish ko,
Tumhari shokhi,
Sargoshiyon ko,
Loriyon ko,
Larazti saanson,
Pighalte aansu,
Jazbaaton ko,
Tumhari bheegi muskarah’ton ko,
Kachi-pakki baaton ko,
Tumhari belaus muhabbat ki kahaniyon ko …
Aur badle mein tum,
Phoonk dete ho meri nas-nas mein,
Khud ki jaan …
Mere khayaal, mere lafzon, alfaazon mein chupe,
Kuch iss tarah hote hain main aur tum, hum-kalaam
Ki paida ho jati hoon main, ek tumhare sirf hone se …