Friday, 27 March 2015

~ The Chase ~

I desire you, obsessively, do you see?
You are so beautiful … mercilessly …

~ The Chase ~
Resembling one austere noon,
Ah, this unkind chase,
Seems deepening,
And darkening,
That of ‘rustic’ you …
With every bare inch,
Craved for so long,
Of your dusky skin,
I touched thus … alive …
As the distance,
Between us diluted,
To pave a neat way,
For a virgin submission,
Of the awakening, so nude
Of our sage souls …
I gathered and held you,
For those slippery moments,
Firmly that I could,
Before you lurched,
To amble away, scholarly,
Leaving some of me, witless,
Thirsty with a lost, silly wet tongue,
And cold as the stranger’s stare,
One lurking around,
At the sharp bend,
Of your dull alleyway!

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