Friday, 31 May 2013



Raise your hand people, who all hate Poison-Dipped-Heart-Searing-Taunts. Good heavens! I’m the first to raise my hand, the highest, cause if you ever ask me the ONLY THING I really hate, it’s definitely Taunting, making it very clear that I myself don’t do the same in return.

To bring the required lucidity to their pseudo-facts regarding my take on it, let me elucidate, neither I’m the ‘Aladdin Ka Chiraag’, to which they can willingly keep rubbing their tartness. For they wouldn’t gain anything from it, in fact, it might bring into play the risk of waking up the ‘Genie’ contained, and trust me, it’s not that goody-goody, and won’t ask for their three wishes, instead might end up turning them, and their ego into ashes, or rather coal, for the sake of the only chance of them being useful to the humanity in any damn way. Nor am I that stoic piece of furniture that would bear their snobby banging every time they pass by, rather a finicky  cushion-with-springs that would bounce back into their snorting face, and blow it off.

Still, every time they vomit their sourness, leaving me baffled, as to question the place they were born and brought up. Do the farmers there, use too much of pesticide in the crop, that they end up feeding poison to the natives. I sense consensus.

Anyways, what has been done is now done, but it doesn’t mean at all that they should continue with this fatal issue in their system. I got a piece of advice…Eat chocolates! That not only shall sooth their Venom-Soaked-Ego and Narcissistic disorder, but MIGHT sweeten their tongue too, hopefully!

Concerning the matter, I’m being generally questioned upon, and sneered at is—Am I comfortable in my skin? Oh yes! I'm…I don't need the feel, or feel the need of changing myself, et al, even if I dress in the rugs made of pesky, snobby, loner, and immensely introvert fiber...Me-With-Me, with a do-not-disturb note on the door, is my paradise...Wish to get an aroma of my world?…Come! Sit with me under the roof of silence, hold the cup of patience in your mystified fingers, and drink my thoughts, at your will!

 PS—I'm not poisonous, hence you shall return alive <3

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Make Them Count

Something so vital, so decisive, taken often for-granted. Definitely a grant it is, from your parents—from a mother, who carried her heavy-sweltering-self through nine difficult months, from a father, who’d never missed a single sleepless night despite of having a sure shot toilsome morning. What is that grant? It’s the breath, the same breath which you were granted long back, while you were resting in your mothers' womb. The same breath you hardly give importance to, not as much as you give to the piece of land, or bank balance, you have inherited from your father, or grandfather- a grant as well, isn’t it?
Don’t know how many times I’d breathed in and out, while I write here, though I’m writing about the same. Easily coming gifts are never treasured. An irony, isn’t it? We mock the greatest gift, while being too much fussy about loving the other mundane gifts, for instance, high speed bikes, furious cars, cigarette, beer, dirty flings, sex, all these things, and more, drive you crazy. While you’re chasing a sucking job, a hot girlfriend, and an elite life, the only thing neglected is, nonetheless, your breaths.
I often come across posts like- Moms' love Vs. Girlfriends' love—Whom do you love the most and who loves you back MORE…They freak me out, and irritate me as if burning in hell is far better, rather than reading such posts. On no ground can one compare the love of a mother to a Girlfriends'. Mothers’ love is selfless, pure and to-remain-till-last-breath kind of, and a Girlfriends’ is more of a passionate, intense and live-to-love type. No doubt, you give preference to the later. Won’t blame you for that, love makes you forget the world, and parents counts amongst the same. But, when you’re willing to sacrifice your breaths for your Girlfriend aka passion, think once of the owner of the same. Yes, they own it, because they're the ones who'd gifted it to you, your parents.
Love is profound with whimsical effects on your sub-conscious mind, but don’t ever let it over rule you. Keep a track on your life, judging the direction you’re actually moving in. Traversing from this world to that is quite easy—Few drops of  poison, a rope, a knife or a railway track, anything would do the honor, and trust me, without any guilt, cause it’s you who is losing something precious, they’re just being a means to it. Hence, know the worth of it, before loss teaches you the same. Sure, we can’t count our breaths, but can make them count, isn’t it?

*** Neither I’m watching any irritating Godly channel these days (Trust me, I hate them as much as you do), nor do I really love to preach. Noticed something, and felt like sharing my views on it. Hope, it makes a difference to a few, the intended ones.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wish Love Was Asleep

Wish Love Was Asleep

From amongst the many scattered shards,
You throne me moon—chosen from stars
Dream-spell wasted—was it even worth?
You never knew, but I'd belong to dearth
You made me ‘that’, and you made me ‘those’
Oh, why you hold me special—why so close
Never did they whisper the touch—the feel
Plucking the smiles—making the joy kneel
None did delve into, to unearth the hidden
Sneak-a-peek into heart—read the forbidden
You held my hand, and glanced into my soul
To comprehend my silence—decipher it whole
Alas, could I have told the depths—dark 'n deep
Only to hold you back, till, love is in sweet sleep

Monday, 27 May 2013

Fancy Killing

Pretense preserved—
Swanking recouped—
Silence pervades—Words suicide
Mass of dumb-boorish-egocentric-shit
Does your soul carry the ear to hear?
Breathing in the sloshing vain rhythm
Feet stomp at the fake tunes of past
Yearning to stuff your uncouth mouth,
Benign-words-dipped a piece of paper
Suffocate the void gasping of stale air
Sapped lungs emote your somber head
When your fidgeting arms drop dead
I shall—
Slit the icy-blue skin open,
To delve into your heart
To find you alive then,
Its’ a bewitched start…

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The crack in my Vision
Saw its half burned face
A snap of my faded eyes?
Or, a fissure in tainted glass
It was there, and
Then it was gone
It would have sworn
On my dull thoughts
Dry Whisper echoed
As if it never existed
And, hummed sharp—
“All is now wasted”
Holding my hand loosely
Drew shapes on my palm
It gave me tingling then,
And now I set to qualm
Still have my open hands
Fingers warped to hold,
The invisible—the intangible 
Evening winds flowing past the town
Mourn the bent hooves of rusted gate
Gate guarding the stained glass walls
Friend, then lover and now a stranger
Carrying a fragile foliage of questions
What, when, where, whom—Oh, Alas! 

Yes, an Ode to You...

Here, embrace this little gold-key
Clutch it close to set my heart free
A key you always need to keep safe,
And turn at the motion of love-wave
I trust you with the treasure of my life
At your feet, breathing love to thrive—
Oh, ensnared girl, I'm a locksmith,
Keeper of all hearts, ruling the zenith
Sparkling keys crawling underneath,
Kissing, and bowing at my dark feet
Glare of my eyes can keep them still
Twist and turn, at the wink of my will
Direction that suits my mighty mood
As the time wings by, keys turn crude
Junk that I don't keep to ruin my castle
Rusted Iron-keys, a triumph too facile
Things of no use are better off to trash
Ticking clock knocks to offer afresh…

Monday, 20 May 2013

Excerpt from something called 'SOMETHING'

“I'm trying my limits, and thinking, how deep should I go without letting you know”

“You can go any length, till you don't drown yourself”

“I won't drown myself, because I'm familiar with it, may be a little less for now, but soon shall touch those damp darkened corners”

“Help yourself, they won't bite, the only thing I can assure you of”

“And, what if I drown?”

“You won't, if you trust me…”

“And, what if I really want to?”

“It isn’t worth drowning--not et al”

“Huh, you bet—Sweetheart?”

“You see the chasm…so do I…It can smell our fear--fear of loosing the grip, and falling into it, for ever”

“Does falling hurts?”

“It does, if you can’t resist the charm of it and plunge yourself deeper into the pain”

“I would love to taste it, the pain”

“Don’t lie, I see it in your eyes…you are afraid of something, may be”

“May be?—this is how you define Ambiguity”

“I would rather call it ‘Inhibition’”

“Call it anything, that wouldn’t change the extent of my longing”

“What is that I see in your eyes then? If not the fear”

“Of course it is fear”

“Fear of?”

“Not knowing you—losing you—forever—sweetheart”

“Oh, I love the way you play with your words”

“I love you too”


“What—oh, did I say ‘you’, whoopsie...I meant ‘yours too’”


“Yes, you play with your words better than anyone I have ever known”

“On that note, I got something for you…want to hear?”

“Of course sweetheart”

“Here it isRansacking my clear-as-water thoughts, however deep you dive...swimming through the tides of my mood might seem easy and fun-to-do for now but, what if I tell you...Dear…the depth you fathom is still too shallow!

“Oh my, I love it…I got something for you too…see if you can comprehend it, my love”

“Bring it on, and save ‘Love’ for later”

“I can, surely. Here it is—A hurried tryst of lips, burning in melting desire, exploring anything and everything coming in the way… to taste the heaven in each others warmth, the honey of passion, dripping and folded into much love and lust....a moment when they become one, to leap the physical boundaries...when the rest of their body is crying in sublime pain, pain of ecstasy that drives the urge to shun their rugs and let the velvet rub against each other...the moment when they wish to dive into each other’s depth to grab the most beautiful feeling, to jump into the chasm to catch the bliss of touching the stars on the seventh heaven dissolve into each other’s arm…till eternity…

You’re impossible!”

“Come-on, call it what?”


“I call it a ‘Kiss’—Sweetheart”


Sunday, 19 May 2013

~ Yes, now I vision … ~

~ Yes, now I vision … ~

“I love your Almond shaped eyes,
Hazel of it rebounds the sunshine”
He said the words for the sixth time
Shunning the dull skeptic thoughts,
It again curved my lips into a smile ..

How guileless are his loving ways
Manifesting a bemused reflection
“Should I give my love-luck a try?
Falling for his words worth a shot?’’

He wouldn’t mirror the image of those,
Who, once called me their eternal muse
I’d breathe it much an incessant time
Betrayal doomed, trust took to slime ..

He wouldn’t parade his biceps or sedan
Dear clock ticks-tocks holding my hand
Sweeping away the nip, memory thresh
Oh, yeah —
His eyes look through my dainty flesh
Into my scared soul ... and beyond …
Yes, now I vision,
He makes me whole …
He makes me whole …

Friday, 17 May 2013


It is incandescent,
Luminous is its skin
Viral, its peculiarity
As in,
Creeping the thick wall
Tapping the hollow part
Seeping into the cracks
The dampness of paint
It renders,
Scream and shout..
Mind play games, and
Tells you to hold it back
Mind's eye fools around,
Not letting you to fathom it,
For the depth boasted about,
Is still too frail and shallow
Hold my fingers and,
Let me enlighten your
Fold that neatly into a half, and
Place your right onto your left
Feel the rhythm, the heart steps
If it's the To-be-felt-only-thing
Steps shall soon turn into flight
Fly to shy the wings of butterfly
Blood shall sing the godly odes
Of Purity banishing vanity,
And eternal platonic knots
Of forced parting and,
Chosen betrayal paths…

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Romancing my Muse


I'm listening to my heart,
To get to the right path
Why does it make you wince?
Pain-struck, chopped and mince
Why you say I got a squint,
And I'm chasing the flawed tint
Damn you-Darn you
God forbid
Is this all about you?
No, it's not
It's me and my muse..
So, just leave us alone
We're romance prone…

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Kuch yun hi....:)

~ Woh khaali kona bhi bharta sa mehsoos hota tha,
Muhabbat se jab jab tune hath rakha mere seene pe!

Every void seemed filled, those chasms were bridged,
Warmth of your soft palm, when embraced my chest! ~

~ A dream I lived, as you came to my town,
Your sojourn my land, a mirage, is it not?

Tera aana bhi kisi khawaab se kam na tha,
Tera therna bhi saraab sa gumaan deta hai … ~

~ Ziddi patang ki uljhi tehniyon se, boliye kab pati hai,
Udana hai behad pasand usse, par phas kar sirf kati hai ..

Jo kate, kamzarf hawa ka haal e itminan phir dekhiye,
Ek barbad, to duja abad, baat ye patang ne bhi rati hai …~

~ They would ‘sigh’, when imprisoned is soul,
Why should they ‘sigh’, an enlightened soul ? ~
~ Na nikle dum, toh bhii 'aah' nikle,
 Jo nikle dum, phir kyon 'aah' nikle? ~

~ Daira ufaq pe baithe they, kuch surmai safed kabootar,
Seh-paher Mah jaga hoga, zaroor gutargun ki awaaz se ..

Mahtaab ke shabab O Shadab ke, jo charche har taraf hue,
Kashish madham padi aaj, ghusalkhane se aati awaaz se … ~

~ Ulfat e tarteebi, adaawat e mijaaz,
Jaan se gaye hum, tameez zinda rahi! ~

~ Jab bhi tujh main ghultin hoon,
Tab hi khud main ubharti hoon ..
Tu hi aaina, tu hi Jana aks mera,
Sarmaya 'gar, yun mehfuz hoon!

***Lover has been called a mirror, and hence, it says - Dissolving (looking) into you, lets me find myself (my image) ... You're the mirror, even my image (the reason of my existance) is you ... And if, I'm your wealth, I'm safe (as an image) in you ... ~

~ Qiwaam e muhabbat, chidak de yun tu mujh par,
Faqat jild bhi ‘gar chooye, meri qabar tak mahkegi  … ~

~ Sakoot harf awal, yun hi toh nai bane hum,
Apki aghaz-parwaaz thi, aur dhool hue hum … ~

~ Ikhtiyaar e tawaze ikhtilaf e Qaida e ishq yun kar,
Do ghadi ko tu ruthe, do sadi main tujhe manaun … ~

~ Tera jamaal e rukhsar, aur mere shaane pe bikhare tere baal,
Uff, ki reh reh ke meri zabt saadh ulfat, barhena hue jati hai! ~

~ Mujtahid rahi shuru se hi tafseeran e muhabbat ki,
Tu aaj bole hai ki mere unwan main bhi khot tha … ~

~Kabhi toda, kabhi joda, dil behla ke phir chorha wahin,
Pooche hai shab-o-roz ye aaina bhi, ‘Tu khilona to nahin?’~

~ Jis pechidegi se tu ne mujhe khud main uljhaye rakha hai,
Uljhe gesuon ko suljhana hi ‘gar kab kya asaan tha? ~

~Ek do misre sukoon-o-roshni ke dil gunguna le jaldi,
Waqt kam hai, andhera hote hi ghar ko lautna bhi hai!~

~Iss chaand se keh do ki yun shararat na kare,
Phir log kahenge ki aashiqon ko satati ho..

Uss hawa se kaho ki kuch aahiste chale,
Phir aashiq kahenge ki aanchal yun udati ho..

Kasam hai unn sarsarati tehniyon ko bhi,
Yun sarsara kar mujhe badnaam na karen..

Bol dena qadmon main charmarati pattiyon se tu,
Bikhri aabru ka tamasha yun sareaam na karen..

Phir tu fusfusana kanon main machalte khawabon ke,
Kehna ki, har ada ko behlana ab mere bass main nahin!~

~Woh khaali kona bhi bharta sa mehsoos hota tha,
Muhabbat se jab jab tune hath rakha mere seene pe!~

~Takbeer-e-arzoo hai, sun le ae musaafir,
Jo behed lamba safar hai toh aaj theher ja..

Iss basar uss shahar, na tera koi thikana,
Ek adh lamhe ki neend ko tu aaj yahin theher ja!~

~Hai kuch aisi sifat mere pyaar ki,
Be-lahu mujasma hi usko azeez hai..

Apni bebaak pasand par bhi hai usko naaz,
Kehta hai ki ek wohi toh har waqt kareeb hai!~

~Kab tak khush-mijaazi ka naatak main karoon,
koi badal hai ki kab tak aansun ab piyun?

Jo takmeel ho jaye uss ujade khawab ki,
Maut ko yun aodun, sukoon se main bhi soun!~

~Benaam Shayar ne bhi kya khoob tamaasha-e-kamaal kiya,
Bezubaan Shaayari shor karti rahi aur woh phir bhi chup raha…~

~Kyon aaj raat chaand se mehsoos hote ho,
Kuch peele kuch sard safed, aur utne hi door…~

~Chahna, na chahna, zayaar't-e-itmenan ka khel hai,
Fursat mili 'gar zindagi se toh zaroor khelenge…~

~Lutf ab khud ki saanson ka hum yun le rahe hain,
Gila rahega jinse ta-umar, unki khatir jee rahe hain...~

~Muhabbat ho hi jaani thi,
Zara ittefaaq jo rakhte
Yeh doori bhi mitt jati,
Silsila-e-mulaqaat toh rakhte~

~Koi keh gaya usko bhool jaane ko
Saans lene ki ada bhi ab yaad nai
Usse door jaane ka ajar ab dekhiye
Jaagte hue katin bezuban raaten kayi
Ki uske naam ke qaseede padha karte
Tasveer-e-sanam paas na toh na sahi…
Ki rakh rakhi hai
Dil ke aayine main tasveer-e-yaar
Jab zara gardan jhukayi, dekh li…~

Dekhenge aazma kar tujh ko bhi
Aane de daur-e-muhabbat kabhi!

Unki tang-dili ka andaaza yun hua humain
Woh tooti hui sadk aur chand chithde hue dil
Kal jo shaakista  they unke kadmon tale

Sisak rahe hain pevand sile kapdon main!

Woh hi raat, ek baat, aur chand malmal se khawab

Koi eklauta  harf agar gum hai, toh woh tum ho

Takiye ke aagosh main ab neend aa toh jaati hai,

Tere jism ki garmi ko bas yeh khawab taraste hain

Ek kaali syaahh raat aur kuch bikhare hue khawaab,

Marti hui muhabbat mere naam vasiiyat likh gayi...

Hai mera aks bhi sheeshe main machalta hua maghroor sa,
Gumaan ho chala hai isko, tujhsi adaayen woh bhi paa lega…

Pooche ab saya bhi ajnabiyon se naam-o-pata khud ka,
Ki maalik hi gumm ho chala hai yaadon ki galiyon main…

Bazar-e-muhabbat ki inteha-e-masroofiyat toh dekhiye,
Khabar nai padti aur khawaab bik bhi jaate hain…

Bohot masroof rehte hain, nahin fursat saans lene ki
Ehtraam-e-mohabbat hai, ki palken uthh nai saktin…

Hai ye ittefaaq ki hum donon ke khayalat kitne milte hain,
Maine tujhko hai chaha, tune bhi sirf khud ko hi chaha…


Monday, 6 May 2013


Crevices ajared,
Nooks darkened
Words, floating void,
Slashed and drained
She is the daughter of the ocean
Her thoughts float-succinct, soigné
Message appears on the surface,
To breathe in the endurance
For the fraction of the second,
Dare you attune?
Anatomy of fancy sloppy breaths,
Sleazy, disguised and blurred
Wear the beads of blinking stupor,
To catch her dreamy glimpse
Trinkets-serene and svelte,
She has sworn to dance in
Diving deep and gulping the black hole
You got the strength to hold her and stop?
The sense you derive is fake and bony
Fathom the nude darkness and,
Reap to sow…

Friday, 3 May 2013

Kuch yun hi...

Ziddi patang si naazuk tehniyon main uljhi padi hai,
Kambakhat aisi ja fasi, na udati hai, na katti hi hai …

~Woh na mera hua, na khud ka hua,
Hua  tha jiska, woh hi uska na hua!~

Uljhi zulfen badhawaas nazaren hosh faakhhta
Fir alvida keh gaya beeti raat khawab main aake…

Kuch yun hue rubaroo zehen ki sachaiyon se,
Ki ab mukhtalif behoshiyan azeez ho chalin…

Kuch yun huin benakab zehen ki sachaiya,
Ki ab mukhtalif behoshiyan azeez ho chalin…

Sanjo rakha hai dil ke konon main alfazon ko,
Ki koi unsuni baat abhi baaki hai..
Kisse nazaron se bayan hua karte they kabhi,
Ab zuban pe aayi baat bhi be-maani hai…

Ek muddat se dar-o-darwaze khole baithe hain,
Suna kiye ki band dar aahton ko pee sa jaate hain...

Ek muddat se khule darwaaze se simte baithe hain,
Ki band dar tere aane ki aahat ko pee sa jaate hain…

Zindagi ne hazar gham diye,
Humne likh likh ke kam kiye..
Katra katra tapka, syahi ka rang liye,
Khoon-e-dil se kissa-e-haal likh diye..
Bojhil gar Karen, fir kaed kyon rahen,
Haawi jo hon, soorat-e-alfaaz hone den...

Tera aana hi kisi khawaab se kya kam tha,
Ab tera jaana bhi miraaj ka guman deta hai…

Nahin fursat yaqeen maanon humain kuch aur karne ki,
Teri yaaden, teri baaten bahut masroof rakhti hain...

Ki dekh teri Inteha-e-wafa ne kya haal kar diya,
Be-wafaaiyan teri chokhat pe sijda ab karti hain…

Mehek uthegi qabar bhi marne ke baad meri,
Teri Khusboo ne kab saath mera chorha hai…
Gar poochen log, Karen sawal mere bare main,
Bas yunhi muskura dena har baar ki maanind,
Ki bada sukoon meri rooh talak pohnchega…

Hai yaqeen uski har baat, har wafa, har waade ka,
Mila hoga hum se haseen, jo yun bhoole baitha hai …
Hua kuch yun asar is dil ki kashmakash ka zehn-o-zindagi par,
Yaqeen maano humain bhi jeene ka hunar bakhoobi aata tha...

Tujhe chahna hai gar nasaaz gunah teri nazron main,
Sazaye maut ke hai qabil ki yeh ab har pal hi hota hai…

Nighaon se pilana ek muddat tak kaam tha apna,
Phir hua yun ki uski baton ka nasha ab tak haawi hai…

Ruswaiyan hain, betabiyan barbadiyan aur tanhaiyan bhi hain,
Suna hi karte they mohabbat kisi badnaam shey ka naam hai...

Zindagi ko ab bas teri hi aarzoo hai,
Tere aane talak hi mohlat di hai saanso ko...

Jurrat ki hai tujhe chahne ki,
Sazaaye maut bhi ab kam hai…

Hum khwabon ke gulistan se alfaaz chunte reh gaye,
Tune yahan humari khaamoshi ke afsaane bun diye…

khushboo aur chand yaadon ke siva ab kuch na baaki hai,
Yaqeen na aaye to iss zehen-o-jism ki talaashi le lijiye…

Tujhse hi hai mera wajood, tu nahin toh main kahan,
Khudko pane ki justuju main dekhenge inteha khushfehmiyon ki…

Dar badar dar dar phire, bedar ishq ka bhoj lekar..
Maye ke pyaalon main dooba kiye,
Shab-o-roz bas yun hi jeekar
Sharab jab gham ko pee na saki,
Ravan ho chali nason main khoon bankar…

Bada hi shauk ho chala hai iss dil ko thokar khaane ka,
Tadapta hai, sambhalta hai, phir tadapkar sambhal jaane ko..
Har berukhi bhi teri ab isko apni si lagti hai,
Nadan hai ki tere zulmon ko bhi tohfa samajhta hai…

Kisi bache ke maafiq aaj bhi dil zidd par ada hai,
Tujhe chahna hai aur bas tujhko hi chahte rehna hai…