Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wish Love Was Asleep

Wish Love Was Asleep

From amongst the many scattered shards,
You throne me moon—chosen from stars
Dream-spell wasted—was it even worth?
You never knew, but I'd belong to dearth
You made me ‘that’, and you made me ‘those’
Oh, why you hold me special—why so close
Never did they whisper the touch—the feel
Plucking the smiles—making the joy kneel
None did delve into, to unearth the hidden
Sneak-a-peek into heart—read the forbidden
You held my hand, and glanced into my soul
To comprehend my silence—decipher it whole
Alas, could I have told the depths—dark 'n deep
Only to hold you back, till, love is in sweet sleep


  1. the connection...the holding the hand and taking time to look within the soul to see the depths...not settling for the surface...or silence...enchanting rhythm as well...very nicely penned...

    1. Thank you Brian...It's how well one can see through the body into the soul...eternal glance takes it all!

  2. A sensitive poem, so well written! Meaningful. Moreover, polished well with none of the fashionable rough edges of lesser poets.

  3. I think that level of connection - being able to see into someone's soul - is the most rare and beautiful of things. You captured it perfectly here.

    1. It definitely is, you know it well Keith :)