Friday, 31 May 2013



Raise your hand people, who all hate Poison-Dipped-Heart-Searing-Taunts. Good heavens! I’m the first to raise my hand, the highest, cause if you ever ask me the ONLY THING I really hate, it’s definitely Taunting, making it very clear that I myself don’t do the same in return.

To bring the required lucidity to their pseudo-facts regarding my take on it, let me elucidate, neither I’m the ‘Aladdin Ka Chiraag’, to which they can willingly keep rubbing their tartness. For they wouldn’t gain anything from it, in fact, it might bring into play the risk of waking up the ‘Genie’ contained, and trust me, it’s not that goody-goody, and won’t ask for their three wishes, instead might end up turning them, and their ego into ashes, or rather coal, for the sake of the only chance of them being useful to the humanity in any damn way. Nor am I that stoic piece of furniture that would bear their snobby banging every time they pass by, rather a finicky  cushion-with-springs that would bounce back into their snorting face, and blow it off.

Still, every time they vomit their sourness, leaving me baffled, as to question the place they were born and brought up. Do the farmers there, use too much of pesticide in the crop, that they end up feeding poison to the natives. I sense consensus.

Anyways, what has been done is now done, but it doesn’t mean at all that they should continue with this fatal issue in their system. I got a piece of advice…Eat chocolates! That not only shall sooth their Venom-Soaked-Ego and Narcissistic disorder, but MIGHT sweeten their tongue too, hopefully!

Concerning the matter, I’m being generally questioned upon, and sneered at is—Am I comfortable in my skin? Oh yes! I'm…I don't need the feel, or feel the need of changing myself, et al, even if I dress in the rugs made of pesky, snobby, loner, and immensely introvert fiber...Me-With-Me, with a do-not-disturb note on the door, is my paradise...Wish to get an aroma of my world?…Come! Sit with me under the roof of silence, hold the cup of patience in your mystified fingers, and drink my thoughts, at your will!

 PS—I'm not poisonous, hence you shall return alive <3


  1. Come! Sit with me under the roof of silence, hold the cup of patience in your mystified fingers, and drink my thoughts, at your will!...smiles...i like the invitation...and there will always be those with nothing better than to spew venom and try to bring others down to them...make themselves feel a bit better...

    1. Certainly Brian, and I hate it equally!
      Thanks:) the invitation is for the one who really wish to read my thoughts, barring those who can only crticize for everything I do..

  2. Ah, it is so important to know people who accept one's thoughts rather than criticize the fiber of one's being.

    1. It is really very important...cause those positive people're our building blocks:)