Saturday, 1 June 2013

~ Dreamless Venessa n’ Timeless Themesus ~

 ~ Dreamless Venessa n’ Timeless Themesus ~

Hush the winds, and lull the sleepy night
Tell the barbed creeper, to undrape a slight
Spew life, in slush dampened wooden wall
Withered white rose petals, shall too thrall
City of veiled dreams, has been dumb spelled
Her hewn n’ sewn silken-moth-robe, quelled
Bewitched n’ enchanted, in such a deep sleep
Venessa slumbered, to make her lover weep
Purgatory penance — death is euphemized
Clock rewound — for time too, circumcised
Themesus, the witty sorcerer, eternally dark
Deep magic to make his evil thoughts, stark
He conjured, to carve out her soft red heart
Incarcerated it amorously, undying thwart
Laid it amidst crass needles, in a box of glass
To prick the lingering breaths, of fading lass
Ah! He’d entrap her soul, to behest her flesh
He summoned upon the shadows — to thresh
An allegorical labyrinth waits to be unraveled
To breathe life into her, throbs such tasseled!

***Venessa and Themesus, are the fictitious characters, conjured from my imagination land…Hope to grow them farther, in poems, and stories…<3


  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this. It has a mythical classic feel to it. Nice writing here.

  2. I like the rhyming couplets, and the romantic theme ~

    The picture of Zac & Vanessa is an inspiration, smiles ~

  3. nice....def a classical story telling feel to this one it based on a story or is it one that you made up?

    1. Thanks Brian...I tried to make up a story, nothing from any actual legends..or stories ..

    2. very cool....well you did a great job then...smiles...

  4. Wow, dark and haunting with intriguing characters!

  5. Sadia, the enchantress... you make me recall the nights I spent in solitary confinement... it was redemption

    The poem has the feel, the language, the structure, everything... Love You Bless You