Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Relentless-Voyage Memoir

Relentless-Voyage Memoir

Nuisance caused of this impromptu trip, or rather a voyage spree, resulting from some extreme jiffy decision out of the blue, that I got hitched into, can be categorized as—‘Were’ and  ‘Are’
1. I didn’t get time to pack properly, hence couldn’t doll up        myself, as and when required. Alas!
2. Getting tickets for the same was more or less like a combat, and we lost, as expected.
3. Traveled a strenuous distance of 600 Kms (approx) in 14 hours by a Bus, read ‘seater’.
4. Being my first journey by a bus (School bus ride not included), I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite of my jammed knees, and swollen ankles.
5. I regret for not eating out at the Dhaba, cause we had our full from the home itself. Being a foodie by heart (Stomachs’), the smell of tandoor ki roti, and daal fry was making me fanatical, at 3 o’ clock in the morning. Still, all we had was, ONLY a teeny-weeny cup of ginger tea.
6. The moment we got off the bus at Anand Vihar, I wanted to shout ‘Yippee’, out loud, for the miracle that I could possibly walk, though barely, but, the early office goers dithered my urge into a persuasive curbing of it. *Sigh*

1.    My legs are aching, and a soothing sleep, for a bout of generous hours, is all my body is beseeching at the moment.
2.    I’m STILL cursing myself for missing that appetizing Dhaba food.
3.    And, we’ve already sketched out our next Bus ride, including the scrumptious midnight meal at some Dhaba, exuding the same exotic Tandoori aroma in the air.

PS-sorry for the over emphasis on the food part, couldn’t help, food lover kept surfacing indiscernibly  :P


  1. I love this. It's always nice to get a glimpse into our fellow blogger's lives. I really want to try Ginger Tea but never have. Mayb'e I'll do that soon!

    1. Trust me Keith, it's awesome...I have only ginger tea, daily...yes, it's great to know about fellow bloggers lives...:)

  2. haha i love food as well so i hear you...and to know a place you must know its food for sure...traveling by bus would be cool....seeing all the light....

    1. Foodiesss we're...:D
      It was fun Brian, though I was scared a bit, but later enjoyed a lot :)