Friday, 7 June 2013

An Ode To My Sinned-Virtue

~ An Ode To My Sinned-Virtue ~

A humming-bird on your icy tongue,
Tiny nails pierce deep into the skin ..
Crimson Ocean soars into its toy-eyes, 
Little chirps steeped in evil poison,
Hums my name — shrilling scowls,
Auburn scroll folded in its wings,
A torn soiled paper neatly rolled,
— twined n’ tasseled in pure azure ..
Encrypted ablaze letters inscribed,
— Visible only to my sinful sight ..
Songs of dismay ..
Poesies of detest ..
Sonnets of recoil ..
Hymns of distrust ..
Serenading the kindled hatred …


  1. dang...little bit of emotion the further along you went...the thought of a hummingbird on my tongue does not sound fun....hatred is such a strong emotion as well...

    1. It is Brian..indeed, very gets all the more poisonous when coming from a loved one ..