Friday, 14 June 2013

Said ‘n Done

Said ‘n Done

Don’t stop for me
I can never walk with you
When all is said ‘n done
Dump the past, and
Walk through
Lips parched, and
Breathes stolen
Vision still, and
Spells broken
Skin shall wilt with time
Veil the past from slime
For mud-clad caricature
Often turn to quagmire
Let the silken skin decay
Gleaned shine to go astray
But, keep the bones locked
In a laminated-plastic coffin
To fashion out an album
Of serendipity stage-play
Reflection of an image—
That once breathed…


  1. goodness...this one is rather haunting...especially starting about halfway through....

    1. Lolz...I'm glad if the other half did the purpose ...thanks Brian :)

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  3. I loved this! So deep and such a good read :)