Tuesday, 31 March 2015

~ Let she be freed! ~

~ Let she be freed! ~
O’ allow her,
To wryly snub,
The bubbling arrogance,
So emerald greenly clear,
Lying as perennial weeds,
At the bottom,
Of your pleasing sea-akin cadence …
And make her say, ‘No’
To being the lady pawn moving across the board,
For she, puts her foot down,
And wears the empress crown
Regalia of her stature,
The waft of the robe, and the dazzling orb,
And the scepter … all her insignias ‘Invisible’
May not drive the imperial decisions,
But all the men and women, and their love for her
Her heart’s will,
Its desire …
And then, she says it not — not to return home,
The Will-o'-the-wisp may not sing in your ears,
The wooly whispers of her ‘miss you still’
But for you,
She will write. She will write. She will write.
In her humble blood, and modest tears,
Those ever failing to reach your rich heart!
But you’re her king,
No more. No more. No more.
And now, for reasons serpentine and thus so dark,
She awaits a ‘Freedom’ not-so-noble, and a ‘Pied-piper’,
For her sizeable coronated heart has shrunk,
Shrunk into,
One wenge-shaded, wany, scrawny mouse!


  1. Intriguing!! Intensely portrayed with vivid imagery... truly remarkable :)


  2. "Crescendoing Silence" has been included in our Sites To See #430. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.