Thursday, 3 October 2013

Liquefy Me

Liquefy Me

Take me not a meal
Call me not, O’ hot
Make me water
Lucid essence of life
Being a starter, for you
Ask them who do
Main course flipping every time
You sit in your dine
Is neither my choice
Nor do I find it fine
Prefer not to be a dessert
Dig your sweet tooth
If you know, somewhere else
Let not hunger ride your mind
Hold my heart gently, be kind
If my skin smells of some delight
Or, your hormones ought me to be
Cease your thoughts of feasting on me
Take me not a meal, call me not, O’ hot
Be thirsty to drink what my wings have got!


  1. nice...i like the not letting the hunger being so consuming you forget to be gentle with my heart....some real feeling behind this...