Monday, 28 October 2013

~A Mother

A rogue kid from his section bullied him, and the next day he carried a toy to school, hidden in his bag's front pocket.
When he was about to get off the car, his father looked into the bag owing to its unusual heaviness, and found one black color Toy Pistol.
On being lovingly prodded and after a bit of strict inquiring, he replied, ‘XYZ ne mere baal kheenche they kal, aaj main usko goli maar doonga…uski band baja doonga.’ (XYZ pulled my hair yesterday; today I'd shoot him, and make him suffer)

Yes, he is my kid, who uttered these words in a huff of anger to his shell-shocked father.
I wanted to smile on this little Dabang(Rowdy) born of me, but the birthing of some Devil inside my little kid scared me to hell.
These little devils thwarting in little hearts turn into monsters if not smothered and crushed.
What should I infer?
Nil patience and so much anger…where would it lead the next generation to?
What would be my kid's behavior after twenty years down the line from this incident, with more physical strength and increased exposure to real Toys of death and destruction?
And, last but not the least…
Whom should I call Rogue?
Any kid bullying my kid, or the society and movies embedding this nonsense in small innocent brains…
I'm clueless!

~A Mother


  1. heavy...not sure if you know it but it is anti-bullying month here....we will have a feature today by one person telling their story at dverse...its hard...i was a late bloomer, small for my age, so an easy target for made me angry to be weak, angry at myself, my god, my parents for not seeing it and doing something, at the bullies for making me feel weak, and those that stood by and watched....they are the ones i wrote about for tomorrow...the bystanders...

    as parents, when we find out, we have to address it...not to steal our childs strength, but because they need to see we love them that much...

    my son was bullied and i made a big deal about it...i put the school on notice that if it happened again, i would go higher up the chain...and i let th boy and his father know that i would not put up with it...

    1. I hope so. Brian...a big issue indeed...I often get chills when happen to think about it...

  2. Bullying awareness has really been a point of emphasis over here during the past five years in light of some tragic events. I was bullied a lot as a youngster. I can only hope this awareness spreads worldwide.

    1. The condition is no different here, keith...

  3. Sadia, a kid was shot dead by police in the us this week for caring a toy pistol !! If you could reduce TV, some bit of violence would come down. Don't panic. Love will lead the way.