Monday, 20 April 2015

~ Every Night! ~

~ Every Night! ~

I thought of you,
And the moon hanging on the lower lip,
As a keen piercing in the crimson still sky,
Dipped an inch closer …

Your scented breaths,
Belonging to the spring meadows, those afar
Chime as the most precious silverware,
Any maiden would have …

Your whisperings,
Those hushes and sounds,
Heavy with reasons known and unknown,
Tales of lonely shore is told …

Your sweet kisses,
Dripping from my fingers,
Like honey-dew, on the deflowered bed-linen,
Weeping; wrinkled in your wake …

And I … for you I still wait,
In the dale of fantasy, with closed eyes …

My moon you are such crisp n’ clear,
Silken, a shade of muffled golden,
Perched nigh, and thus too low,
Brushing mine so gently, your eyelashes
Bathing my face in your moist memories …

But away,
An illusion you stay …

And so, I thought of you, once again
As I do every time, while quietly drinking the sight,
Of dusk losing itself in the tranquil arms of the night!


  1. A beautiful song from a love filled heart to a heart that can never be found........

  2. Mesmerising