Sunday, 6 April 2014


~ Aab-e-hayat yun bane,
Choome jo tu, iss tishnagi ko ..
Jism aise zarra zarra ho jaye,
Bechen rooh bhi phir, azaad ho!

Pour me thou, will ye, water of life,
My thirst, if kissed, would also die ..
Body, too, shall repose in specks,
Soul, aflutter, would – hence, fly! ~


  1. deeply touching metaphysical marvel

  2. OUTSTANDING! Sadia, how did you DO that--embed two versions of your poem into such decorative, attractive imagery (even your signature at bottom?
    Is this a Photoshop work of yours? Very effective display...

    And the poem itself? Like it--a LOT!
    Yes, I believe
    death must have its charms
    I'll welcome it, with arms
    stretched, both so wide
    as soul climbs outside
    to gain access to
    the Universe...

    You are SO talented. Do not ever, EVER, deny yourself or the world
    the pleasure of your creations.
    PEACE and LIGHT, Sadia.

    1. You leave me speechless, Steve ... Thank you so much ... Nah, not photoshop ... only a bit of editing through Picasa ... :)