Friday, 6 June 2014

~ ‘Bygone’ you see … ~

~ ‘Bygone’ you see … ~

Beheld, to what his fair finger pointed,
Drank the brook of & from his blonde eyes,
Mosses became my nerves,
I gathered and held to him —
As mine, howbeit mine — bold trunk,
Liverwort my quintessence —
So tiny, thus paltry, hence lost …
Love logs nurtured the lichens,
Lichens — my desires, his wants,
Trampled the forever boggy floor,
Swinging arms, hopes, for support ..
Planted — Nurtured — Embowered …
So, you see, I was happy, I laughed,
I laughed till the spring was gone,
Gone were the rains, the moisture,
The moistness of his honeyed tongue
Zephyr, lovely breeze, that I longed,
Was also gone, to become ‘Bygone’,
Then, so hefty as you know of him,
With his famous burnished barnet(hair),
Cradling the hot wind, knife sharp,
He whispered the words, cutting me
‘Let Bygones be Bygones, Da’ling ..
To high flames, what we ever had!’
So, you see, to his merry fire it went,
It went, howsoever I wished, for NOT …
In orange daffodil trumpets tinge
Lo! Behold! My love smoldered …
Turned, burned, into ashes and soot,
Of million hues, of million hues ..
My FOREVER ablaze in million hues ….
To zilch — a color of zillion blacks ..
Now … ‘Bygone’ … You see?


  1. Wow...incredible powerful. And I did not see that twist coming at the end :)

    1. Thank you so much, Keith ... Glad that you liked it :)

  2. how have all that you have and all that you were tossed to flame....the million hues of your forever burning is a wonderful image though....even in the pain of loss there is beauty