Sunday, 15 June 2014

~ I took Wings, once… ~

~ I took Wings, once… ~

Inviting …
Labyrinth was his soul
I whispered … beseeching …
How long would I hold?
How to brace myself?
Should I try not to fall?
But …
His dark eyes beckoned me,
Whenever I did close mine ..
Enticing me with my rich hued image fostered in their core,
They promised me a kiss, long enlivening ..
A kiss so deep, washing on my senses, even as I sleep ..
Loosening my hold, So —
I kissed him, in my dreams,
Whilst he and I were in an embrace, in a way,
That I placed my heart in his right,
And my right took his left,
An embrace of our hearts, of bodies, of our souls ..
Kiss, the sweetest purest wettest ‘taken’ stamp of Love, he’d tell ..
So, should I say, I belong to me, no more?
There, I undo my grip, slackening my ‘I Can’t’,
So — in a bottomless hollow, I fall, I fall,
Along the path, caressing the wild pretty blossoms —
— Blithely growing on the walls,
Tumbling, echoing, would I go,
Cupping in palms, the fledgling of our warm Kiss, first that was ..
I decide, he & I would fly it … soon … together …
Down and down, giving so willingly into the coveted receiving …
Pinions got grazed, fledgling couldn’t breathe ..
I then called him twice — namelessly
When he didn’t respond, I asked,
‘What name should I call thee?
Would thou embrace same me?’
He still didn’t reply!
Henceforth, I thought to name him something, anything —
Whilst I fall …
Nothing? Nothing? No one? Nowhere?
A book, he must be, with torn edges, so captivating,
Or, a stern wall of vines, green, blessed, so confined,
Or, the West Orange wind, stealing breaths, blinding,
An ornate plume, colorful, darling feather, befooling?
Or, one tall glass of English wine, sucking into stupor,
A bold promise, hot, boiling liquid, soon evanescence?
Or, may be only an impregnated dream, born of —
The coupling of my yearning with my desire …
And, I hit the bottom of my winged thoughts …
So —
I — now — fly — no more!

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  1. i hope the wings are not folded away for good,
    and there are still dreams to fly...and to long for...