Tuesday, 3 June 2014

~ Dekhiye ek baar .. ~ / ~ Would you see .. ~

~ Dekhiye ek baar .. ~

Ashq e arma'n, riste hain ab, dekhiye ek baar,
Kaste dhaage, hansti hun jab, dekhiye ek baar ..

Girhen do sau, bandhi thin jo, zuba'n ki nok pe,
Jur'at e jumbish, surkhroo lab, dekhiye ek baar ..

Tarz e ufaan e samandar, nache fena, doobe beda,
Daldal e taqdeer, gayi aarzo dab, dekhiye ek baar ..

Bay-tadbeer mila, tafreeh main guzri saari shaam,
Rukhsat e roshni, ta'assubi shab, dekhiye ek baar ..

Yun ahiste, anch e ishq main, jalna jo nagawar,
Haya jhulsana, palkhon ka tab, dekhiye ek baar ..

Puche 'ainy', kholun bahen, par bana lun 'gar,
Parwaz e khwaishat, tark kab, dekhiye ek baar ...

Dekhiye na .. ek baar .....

~ Would you see .. ~

Tears of desire, leaking from her eyes, would you see?
Tensed wires, birthing from her smiles, would you see?

Tip of her tongue, twisted and tied, into hundred knots,
Brilliant lips, daring to rhyme unrhyme, would you see?

On the rhythm of angry sea, dances foam, a boat sinks,
Quagmire of fate, sucking in the desires, would you see?

Improvidence gifted, wasted till the last peck of twilight,
Light abandoned sky, biased is the night, would you see?

To smolder in love, smother herself, what if undesired,
Coyness aflame, her poised eyelashes, would you see?

If opening her arms into wings, she’d sought, ‘ainy’ asks,
Desires once to the winds, never forsaken, should you see!

So .. should you see ……


  1. for some reason i have stopped getting updates from you... : (
    will see if i can fix that...

    what do we see...what do we choose not to see...what makes us uncomfortable...some...some we just miss...the desire, hopefully we dont miss that...smiles.

  2. This is way too much longing. I Hope he deserves all of it :)