Monday, 16 June 2014

~ A Crescent Smile ~

Photo Credit: Sanjay Pandita

~ A Crescent Smile ~

They say, would truly swear,
Moon was always there,
Kindly poised God’s tear,
Antediluvian fables’ lair,
And that, it’s not to wear …
They call it as lovers’ love,
They’d also kin it to dove,
White, innocent, sky’s cove,
Unblemished ride of Jove?
Honey, I find it all a farce,
A blatant lie, it should be!
On the dull dubious blank black slate of my thoughts —
I know, you’d scribble it for me,
With a virtuoso white chalk .. Or,
May be scratched with a coin,
One crescent walk the talk .. Or,
Whittled it from a crystal ball,
Stolen from one witch’s hawk .. Or,
Did you Glue a chewing gum,
Clicking it before it could balk?
Was it not the Moon that clinked?
But, I danced whilst you blinked ..
A true moony teary crescent smile,
Engraved on my sky, unto a while!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks loads .... and thanks for granting me permission as well ... This picture inspired the same ... Thanks tons .. :)

  2. You really capture the romanticism of the moon here Sadia. Brilliantly done :-)

  3. much to say of the moon...and i hope it is not farce...i like the whole chalk board section in the middle and the rest of the ride out...

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