Friday, 20 September 2013

Tanha Sa

Tanha Sa

Apne khwaabon ka rukh kuch toh modiye,
Koi toh sira mere bhujte naseeb se jodiye..
Ki pighalti shama bhi kitni behtar hai,
Usko roshan hue chilman ki nazar muyassir hai..
Dhalta din nashtar yun chubhota hai,
Ki apne mehboob ke aagosh main jakr woh sota hai..
Par ab tadap kabeel-e- bardasht lagne lagi,
Ki inteha-e-intezaar ko bohot umar ho chali..
Fir bhi apka yun akele sona badastoor khalta hai,
Dil aaj bhi khaali bistar par bache sa machalta hai..
Main bhi wahin aap ke paas ba’araam so jata,
Koi toh kona qabr ka apne khaali rakha hota!


  1. Sadia, this is an amazing write. Glad that I chanced upon your blog.

    1. And, I'm glad to have you here...Thanks a lot :)

  2. can i get a translation so i can appreciate it too? smiles. i would run it through the translator but that might lose some meaning...the sounds are wonderful

    1. Well, Brian..I would love to...but beauty of rhymes might get a miss..anyway, here it is :)

      wake up from your dream, and
      connect with my drooping fate
      melting wax is far better
      it gets the glimpse of the lightened curtain
      setting day teases me, too
      it gets to sleep in the lap of its beloved
      still the pain has subsided a bit
      for it has been a long time since i wait
      but your sleeping alone kills my joy
      like a child i sleep restlessly on my lone bed
      i could've slept with you thereto
      if only you would have left a bit space in your grave...

      it's the exact translation of the Urdu Poem..hence, might have lost it's luster...Urdu is the most beautiful language on earth, Brian...wish you could read it *Sigh*

    2. smiles...while i would love to hear the orignal, i get the message in your words...and i will just appreciate the way it flows together in my mind...smiles.

  3. Pigalti hui shama sai kah chalo,
    ki humpai bhi kuch roshan kar jaye

    Is andhere main jee rahe hai kai saalo sai,
    hum bhi jee jaye , hum bhi khil jaye...

    P.S .... another beautiful rendition from you!!!

    1. Insha Allah....roshan hona toh apka naseeb hai...Dekhiyega woh din kitna kareeb hai *smiles*
      Thank you for reading :)