Sunday, 11 January 2015

~ You! ~

~ You! ~
I go circling the hem,
With you, in between,
The chaise of my legs,
Picking up on the beats of your feet …
You float gracefully, away, away from me …
This distance,
Between us,
A few steps,
Lying head-long on the land that can’t be walked,
But lick surreptitiously,
With burnishing warmth,
Of the lips, untouched, untouchable, succinct, sacred,
Still ‘the touch’ we could never had, fade, easily fade?
Look O’ Ether-precious, my fingers are on-fire,
From the embers of kiss-waltz, we swirled in last night,
In my dreams, so numb …
Fresh fantasy, delicious flakes falling sumptuously,
Of you,
And I devour you, sprawled on my beaded rug of orange-cloud …
Blinking eyes … Hazy smiles ……
This tethering trussed up silence, 
Gnawing at my longings, can it be?
When a few words,
Always so feral would stay afloat … if left,
Sore and raw,
Perfectly unsaid!


  1. Sadia this is magical and deep. As deep as an ocean!

  2. hopefully that dream moves beyond a dream...and is it them worth breaking hte silence of the words unsaid....

  3. Good write... And one very beautiful profile pic. May good things come your way this year. Likthi Raho.