Sunday, 10 May 2015

~ Befallen ~

~ Befallen ~
I, a tepid leaf,
Have fallen from my shoot …
Leaving the twig,
Of the vine
That I was dearly clinging to …
For the bond has turned insipid yellow,
Much like me …
Thence, I fall even before fall could have caressed me …
I fall, fall, and fall,
As a good part of me died,
For I am no more the color I was,
Orange and green …
And thus … I fall
With a desire to meet soil
Soil, the mighty door to my liberation,
A place where I would lie buried, alone, and achingly blanch,
For this was not the end, I ever dreamt …
But before I reach there,
I have a station to halt, to float
In your arms
You, the fair n' fine wind,
I sojourn in your buoyant heart …
Hush! Hush! Behold!
This is not the best time, not today
Don't cry, even if when someday I die
For the husk of me is impregnated,
Now … with the joy of your being …
I shall live, for a part of you, live in me!


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  2. Sadia Khan, I lost (immersed) myself in your allegory, and it is good! You are gifted with great amount of wisdom. ( A gift requires two, a Giver--in this case, God--and a willing receiver, YOU!) Wisdom, in combination with outstanding communication skills allows you to unfold before us a few mysteries of life. It is rather intoxicating to read a message--poetry--skillfully written as your own. A personal "thank you" from me for sharing your thoughts, your talent and your WORK, to present us with something...almost like a meditation /contemplation.
    REALLY spiritual! I am serious here, are specially appointed. The best of peace and happiness for you and your family.
    Steve Elsaesser