Friday, 13 May 2016


Picture Maker: Sanjay Pandita 


It recoiled,
At my poultice touch,
Although ensnared was I.

No nosh or sup,
Would it swallow,
and vomited as if in malaise.

It healed as,
I licked and dabbed,
On my chest, to relapse again.

I thus unhooked,
My maudlin blouse,
To let go of that malcontent part.

Vestige of mine,
Espoused vagrancy,
And much of a time has gone past.

गहरे समंदर,एक सीपी गोता खाया,
हाथ से फ़िसला, फ़िर हाथ आया। #‎कमली

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