Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One Last Wish, Unsaid

One Last Wish, Unsaid

Want to know how it feels?
Free me—for I can tell
Caressing my cold cheek, he said
You look pretty even when dead
My blue skin shivered
Under his warmth
I wished to have life in me
Only to embrace him, one last time
But it was too late—
They locked me up
In a glass coffin
Dragging my heart
To one dark grave,
And all I saw last—
Was his face!


  1. eeepppp someone has been reading too much Edgar Allen Poe...smiles....at least you got your look right?

    1. No Brian, I'm not....I wanted to but couldn't...luck doesn't favor me, these days...

  2. Some seriously powerful stuff here Sadia. It sounds mostly metaphorical...at least I hope! :)