Friday, 23 August 2013

A Journey Together

A Journey Together

If a star is your desire
I would choose the farthest one
For holding your hand and
Having you so near
Till the time it takes us to reach there
Losing your sight,
That forever chasing of the light
Missing your coyly parting lips
And slipping off your entwined fingers
Never finding the warmth of your chest
That nightmare of yearning for your touch
For that moment of journey together,
Would no longer be my fear!


  1. I love the picture you chose here...a romantic picture from a romantic movie to go with the romantic words you wrote :)

  2. that nightmare of yearning for your touch...oy, how true...and you def make that tangible in this...good to have you back...smiles.

    1. Brian, even I'm happy to be back...but not being able to remain frequent due to some reasons....hope, I do....Thanks a lot :)

  3. I loved the contrasting words you displayed in this poem, yet it all came down to the same essence - Love. Another magical trick. Awesome.