Saturday, 3 August 2013

Precious All :)

On August 2nd, my baby was asked by his teacher, to bring this friendship band to school, so that they can celebrate the day together, but what he actually did was a bit devilish. He came back home wearing a friendship band, which he’d snatch from a girl, while the one we bought for him to tie on his friend’s wrist, rested safely in his pencil box.
I’ve been reminiscing the way we used to have fun on this day, and to tell you the truth, it was a matter of honor to get the highest number of friendship band, the same way like it was to get the highest number of red roses on the Valentine’s day (let me share a little secret with you, I got none-the red rose, and always wished some curse to befall on the idiot boys of my class, for now when I collar-handled them, they gave the excuse of being afraid of me).
Anyway, coming back to this friendship day, being a pearl smith, I had and have a very few wonderful-lest(they gonna kill me) friends, so you know.
Now, when my baby celebrated friendship day in his school, I thought it to be very childish to wish any of my friends, and wouldn’t have, if those beautiful messages from my all-the-more-beautiful-hearted friends didn’t have blinked on my cell phone.
So, keeping aside my grown-up self, and making use of this gorgeous day, because no other day can serve the purpose more appropriately than this one, to acknowledge the treasured presence of you, my friends, I wish you a Happy Friendship day.
Thanking you, who have been with me ever since I carried Milton water bottle to school and ate from your lunch boxes (though you never wanted to share, cunning-miser-you), let me say it once more, that you’re loved, now and always. Also to those, whom I’ve newly acquired as friends on Facebook and Blogger, though we’ve never met but you’d help and guided me to develop as a writer, thanks to you all.
Happy Friendship day to all my subscribers, however less in number, you make me feel special, and to those beautiful souls who found my page, A Letter To You, worth liking, and my writings, worth reading.
Thank you all. You’re precious, and your presence in my life makes it even more beautiful. Happy Friendship Day!

PS- Grammar Nazis, Peace… please, disregard any grammatical error, if committed. It’s already 2:30 A.M, and I’m damn sleepy to type correctly, moreover edit. Focus on my intentions rather than on mistakes.
PPS- Thank you, again, for reading this long boring post. Hence, I say, You’re my friend :P
PPS- I’m sending this friendship band, all the way from my baby’s pencil box, which he salvaged somehow, for his play, to your busy walls…Baant lo aur khush ho jao :D


  1. ha. hope you get some rest....230 goodness...happy friendship day...i wish we had a friendship day ...that would be cool...but i bet it would become a contest...which would make me sad....

    1. Thanks, Brian...yes, these things lose their charm and sweetness when blinded by the glare of competition, mosr often...

  2. And Happy Friendship Day to you, too. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!!

  3. One friendship band is going out for u ainy.... Sorry for this late reply but I honestly believe things like these dont need need special days

    1. Thanku Fahad....ofcourse, having a friend like you is in itself a celebration...thnku :)

  4. Grammar Nazi's... I almost fell of my chair laughing. I once have a girl 12 red roses on a Valentine some twenty years ago. That evening I had two sets of parents to manage ;)